Welcome to the new Evertime Realms!

Hey, everybody, it’s time for a big announcement. Those of you who have been with me for a long time will remember my old website, Evertime Realms. It was an okay little site, but it was a pain to maintain and I always felt like it came across as kind of amateurish. Almost two years ago, it went down, and I haven’t been able to put the work into resurrecting it.

Until now.

Using WordPress, I’ve built a new site, compiled archives of pretty much everything I’ve written that’s available online, and relaunched the Realms! Much like the old site, I’ll be using the new EvertimeRealms.com to promote any projects I happen to be working on. I’ll post reviews of books and movies or anything else that touches my fancy, and I’ll even do the occasional Think About It-style piece when the mood strikes. Most importantly, this is my new central hub, the place I want to use to share what I’m working on.

Now what about my other pages? Well, nothing is going AWAY, but the purposes are changing. The Think About It Central livejournal, for the time being, will be used mainly for archival purposes, re-presenting articles that have been lost to the ether. My LiveJournal and MySpace blogs will be used for the occasional personal message, something I don’t think will necessarily be of interest to the casual Evertime Realms reader, but won’t be as busy as they were in the past.

Also, one of the big things the WordPress format allows me to do that my old format did not, is allow for comments. I want to start a dialogue. I want people to tell me what they think — of the site, of the design, of the writing, of what I’m working on, of what they think I SHOULD be working on… you name it. I’m all about the feedback.

And finally, I want to give you guys a reason to keep visiting. I’ve got one planned, something big, but I’m not ready to announce it quite yet. Right now, the tentative launch date is June 16, so keep that in mind and keep checking back for when I make the actual announcement. If you guys were there for the old ‘Realms website and remember what the anchor feature was back then, you can probably guess what the new one will be.

That’s about all that needs be said, I guess. The site is up and running, the archive is complete, and I’m ready to go. Join me, won’t you, for the new Evertime Realms:



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