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Everything But Imaginary #271: I’d Like to Thank the Academy, But I Have No Reason To

Everything But Imaginary #271

Everyone seems ready to give Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for The Dark Knight. And he may well deserve it. But is there any chance the Academy would even consider giving him an award if he were still alive?

Everything But Imaginary #271: I’d Like to Thank the Academy, But I Have No Reason To

In Other News…

A few weeks ago, I told you about one of my favorite webcomics, Sheldon. At the time I mentioned that there was a fifth collection of Sheldon comic strips in the works. Well, the new book was announced today! This isn’t a new “archive” collection like the first four, however, but rather a theme book: Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos. The book is a collection of all the strips starring Sheldon’s pet pug dog, Oso, including an extended version of the “Little Lost Pug” storyline from earlier this year. Again, gang, it’s a great strip, and if you happen to know a pug owner, this is the book to get for them.

Recent Reviews…

Here are a few of my recent comic book reviews, courtesy of

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And as an added bonus, I got on an Archie Comics kick over at The Back Issue Bin last week:

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