Anticapatory Awakening

My alarm clock almost never wakes me up.

Yeah, I set it. Yeah, it goes off. By when I know I’ve got to wake up at a certain time, my brain does a number on me. It wakes me up early. It happens nearly every day — I wake up before the alarm goes off, knowing full well that it’s going to go off soon. The frustrating thing is when it goes off: there isn’t enough time until the alarm clock rings for me to really get back to sleep, but there’s too much time for me to go, “heck with it,” and get up anyway, knowing I’m sacrificing a few more sweet, precious moments of limited coherence before beginning the day.

Let’s say I get up an average of 10 minutes early on most weekdays. That’s 50 minutes of potential sleep I lose a week. Times 52 weeks in a year, minus the weeks where I’m on vacation, plus those days during the summer I had to get up for class… minus the time I was sick… carry the four…

I miss out on a lot of sleep. Sleep that I rightfully deserve.

Anyone else have this problem?

Stuff from San Diego

So if you’ve listened to this week’s 2 in 1 Showcase podcast, you heard Chase and me discuss all the announcements that were made at this weekend’s San Diego Comicon — or at least, those announcements that had been made at the time he and I recorded, at about 10 a.m. Saturday morning. That means we missed out on about two more days of announcements. Here are a couple of cool things that got me excited that we didn’t have a chance to talk about:

  • DC Comics, which in the past has incorporated the heroes from defunct publishers like Quality Comics, Charlton Comics and Fawcett Comics into their universe, has announced two more “universes” that will be folded into the DCU: the characters from the 1990’s Milestone Comics imprint, and the heroes from MLJ Publishing, a company that was renamed after its most popular character after he drove the superheroes into obsolescence: Archie. What does this mean? Well, the Milestone guys are going to make their return in the pages of Justice League of America, which is written by Milestone co-creator Dwayne McDuffie, which is awesome. The Archie heroes will be reintroduced slowly in the pages of The Brave and the Bold, written by J. Michael Straczynski. Will Static finally join the Teen Titans? Will the Comet encounter the Green Lanterns in the depths of outer space during the Blackest Night? The next time Doomsday is tearing up Metropolis, will Icon and the Shield join the call to action alongside Superman? Man, I really hope so.
  • LOST fans: this year’s panel was noticeably tight-lipped, but there were a couple of tidbits I found interesting. While the show won’t abandon the flashback/flashforward format entirely, season five will evidently change the structure and find a different way to tell both on-island and off-island stories. Not sure what that means yet, but I’m intrigued. Also, “Octagon Global Recruiting” spent the whole contention screening people who wanted to volunteer for the Dharma Initiative. At the beginning of the panel, they announced five names and took them of the room. At the end, one of the “recruits” ran back in and played this video:
  • Geoff Johns, the writer who has made Green Lantern the definition of “Awesome” over the last few years, will stay on the book after his “Blackest Night” event is over. And he’s also going to work his magic touch on a new miniseries, Flash: Rebirthwith his frequent collaborator Ethan Van Sciver. The two have never made a bad book together. (And very few separately.) Oh yeah — and he’s working with James Robinson and Sterling Gates on something called Superman: New Krypton. Can’t wait.
  • New movies announced: Tron 2. Robocop 4. Hmm. I’m more excited about the former.
  • Joss Whedon’s online musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, was a smash hit. A DVD is planned before the end of the year, along with more comic book tie-ins with Dark Horse Comics(who did an online comic at their Myspace page), and there are plans for a sequel afoot.
  • Hardcover omnibus of the original Golden Age Captain Marvel story, The Monster Society of Evil. I’ve been waiting to read this for years.
  • Blake really, really wishes he could have been in San Diego.

3 Responses to “Anticapatory Awakening”

  1. July 29, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    yeah, but waking up early when Im around isnt that bad is it?

  2. July 29, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Well, that’s different. 😉

  3. 3 Owen
    August 2, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    In keeping with my promise of trying to comment more often … yes! I have the exact same problem. I thought that I was the only one. I rarely (if ever) set my alarm because I just wake up a few minutes before it goes off. Just long enough that I cannot quite motivate myself to get up but long enough that I know that falling back to sleep really is not an option.

    I blame Joe Quesada. Why? Why not? 😉

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