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Wouldja like to take a survey?

It was a busy day here, friends. I spent most of it finishing up the Classroom Management Plan, the final assignment for the class I took this summer towards getting my teaching certificate. Once I finished that, I had to dart off to attend one of my many theatrical commitments. Long story short, no real post today.

However, the new Evertime Realms is almost two months old now, which is really awesome to me. I wanted to revamp the website for a long time, and having it complete and ready to present to the world is a great feeling. But, as I did about a month ago, I do want to ask a few questions of you, my Highly Educated Readers. So please, find the “comment” button on the top or bottom of this post and take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for me? Please? Thanks. I love you too.

1. How did you first find Evertime Realms? (Note: readers who are related to and/or are dating me can skip this question.)

2. What are your favorite features (reviews, rants, fiction, other)?

3. Are you reading “Summer Love”? What do you like/not like about the story so far?

4. How often do you visit Evertime Realms?

5. Have you ever commented on a story or article at Evertime Realms before this one? What sort of stories would you be more likely to comment on?

6. Do I use enough visual elements (i.e. photographs, covers, and other artwork), or do you think I should include more visual elements in my stories?

7. Do you have any other comments, thoughts, or suggestions about the website?

Thanks for taking the time, folks. This sort of feedback is really invaluable to me. I love you all.

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