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Gustav Update: On the Road

The good news: Gustav weakened overnight. It’s not as strong as they expected it to be at this point.

The bad news: As whatsisname on South Park said, “It’s comin’ right for us!”

We’re loading up and we’ll be on the road soon. Wish us luck.

(Oh, and for those of you expecting a Summer Love chapter tomorrow… sorry, but it’s probably not going to happen. But I promise to pull up next to a lantern with a pen and notebook and work on it longhand.)


Gustav update: all for now…

Okay, folks, here’s the deal:

The storm is a-comin’. That much is obvious. And it’s a nasty one. But it seems like the government is doing a good job of handling it this time. Shows what a difference a competent governor makes, doesn’t it?

First thing in the morning, we’re packing the cars and going to my uncle Wally’s house in Folsom, there to wait out the duration of the storm. After that, there’s no telling. Most certainly, we’ll lose power and Internet connection at home. Possibly, we’ll lose it in Folsom as well. If I can keep the connection, I’ll update this blog as frequently as possible to update you not only on myself, but on any of my family and friends that I’ve gotten information for. In fact, I’ll start it up right now: Chase called me a couple of hours ago and told me he and his family are nearly in Austin, Texas, and safe.

If we lose connection, obviously I won’t be able to update Evertime Realms. I may, however, still be able to make updates to my Twitter feed via my cell phone. Look to the right of this page. See the section at the top of the column that says “Blake on Twitter”? That’s what I’m talking about. So look at that column for my most recent update, and click on it to read all of them. I also freely offer the comment section of this post as a place for people to try to connect with each other and keep track of how everyone is faring. I know after Katrina having an internet connection in our hotel was an absolute godsend. This time, I expect it will be the same way.

Not really anything else to say. Stay safe. Stay dry. Keep us in your prayers. And one way or another, I’ll see you on the flipside.


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 84: Geoff Johns

He seems to win a pick of the week every other episode, so Blake and Chase finally devote an entire hour to the amazing Geoff Johns. From his groundbreaking work on Green Lantern to his upcoming revamp of the Flash to the totally brilliant revitalization of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the guys discuss why they like his work, what makes him so darn good, and whether or not Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds will be as awesome as Blackest Night. In the picks, Blake goes with the first issue of the new Vertigo series, Air, while Chase is blown away by The Walking Dead #51. Please stay tuned after the theme music for a quick message from Blake about the Showcase crew’s efforts to dodge Hurricane Gustav. Keep us in your prayers, friends.

Episode 84: Geoff Johns
Inside This Episode:

Come back early tomorrow morning, guys, I’ll let you know what we’ve decided for Gustav.


Gustav Update, Hamlet, Playhouse, Showcase

Lots of stuff to say in this post, so I’m going to get right to it.

First of all: Gustav. Of course, we’re still watching it intently. Some parishes have already called for a mandatory evacuation beginning tomorrow. “Mandatory Evacuation,” however, is kind of misleading. What that really means is “we’re trying to cover our collective butts in case something happens.” We’re watching. We’re keeping an eye out. Are we leaving? We don’t know yet.

No matter what happens, chances are sometime beginning Sunday I’ll be incommunicado. If we stay, there’s a good chance our power and Internet connection will go down for an indeterminate amount of time. If we leave, I will of course take my laptop with me, and I’ll update whenever possible, but there’s no telling when that will be.

In the meantime, we’re doing what everyone else is doing: watching the news, getting supplies, praying.

Also in Gustav news, the production of Hamlet you’ve heard me mention here before. It’s obviously been postponed. The problem, for me at least, is that the only time available at the Civic Center to reschedule the play is the last week of September. Why is that a problem? Because that’s the same time that I’m opening the play I’m directing at the Thibodaux Playhouse, Bless Me Father. So unless something opens up in October and the play can be shifted even further, the inimitable Chuck Boutwell will be performing my role of the Player King for most of the Hamlet run, with me only stepping in for three or four performances.

In happier news, I’ve been informed that I have been nominated for a Thibodaux Playhouse Award for Best Supporting Actor for the play Rumors I was in back in April! This is really cool — I’ve been with the Playhouse for many years now, but this is the first time I’ve been nominated for an acting award. I smile with glee. The awards presentation is currently scheduled for the evening of Sept. 11. Hopefully it’ll go on as planned.

And one last thing — something I’ve been promising 2 in 1 Showcase listeners for months now. I finally figured out how to do it yesterday. It’s not exactly professional quality, but I think it’s nifty.


2 in 1 Showcase At the Movies Episode 2: Ghostbusters

We’re back with another half-hour of movie chat! This week, Chase and Blake pick into one of their favorite movies of the 80s, the original Ghostbusters. What’d they think? Why do they love it? And will they have anything left for next episode when they discuss Ghostbusters 2? Also this week, the guys debut a new feature: what’s the last movie you watched? Chase enjoyed the new release The Pineapple Express, while Blake bemoans 2004’s Catwoman. E-mail us with your comments on Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters 2, “Ask Chase Anything” questions, or anything else at!

Remember, guys, this is a DIFFERENT FEED than the regular 2 in 1 Showcase podcast! You can subscribe to the new show at

Episode 2: Ghostbusters
Inside this episode:


Retro Everything But Imaginary #264: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

I’m afraid there’s no time for a new Everything But Imaginary column this week, friends. I’ve got a small role in the Sam and Jim Acting Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, opening tomorrow night at the Houma Civic Center in Houma, Louisiana. (Performances are 7 p.m. on August 28, 29, and Sept. 3-6, with 2 p.m. matinees on August 30, 31 and Sept. 7. Assuming Gustav doesn’t blow us all away.) Tonight is the dress rehearsal, and I’ve just got no time to write the column.

So instead, I’d like to invite you all to read an EBI from last May, Brush Up Your Shakespeare. I wrote this at the time that we just started working on Hamlet, and while I was teaching two different Shakespearian plays at once to two different classes. It’s kind of a fun reimagining of various comic book heroes as Shakespeare would have written them. At least, I’m proud of it. Back next week!


All Eyes on Gustav

Clearly, it’s too early to know what Hurricane Gustav is going to do. Most predictions say that even if it comes anywhere near the Greater New Orleans area, it’ll take five days to do so. So getting worried about it isn’t really a rational response at this point.

Even more irrational, though, would be to try to pretend it isn’t there.

Ever since Katrina, three years ago, those of us on the Gulf Coast watch these things with a sharper eye than we used to. I still maintain that, in this day and age, death by hurricane is avoidable. We know, literally, days in advance when the storm is coming. We have time to get out. For those who can’t physically move themselves, we should have a competent system in place to evacuate them. (The biggest of the many flaws Katrina exposed, in my opinion, was the total ineptness of the local government in this regard.) Those of us who CAN get out on our own, we’ve got no excuse not to.

Hopefully we won’t have to. Hopefully it’ll take a turn elsewhere, or peter out before it reaches us, or perhaps Superman will swoop down, fly in the opposite direction, and just unwind the sucker. But in case he doesn’t, we’re getting ready. Don’t worry (Erin, I’m talking to you). Me and mine will be okay. I have faith in this.

But we’re going to keep watching.

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