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All Eyes on Gustav

Clearly, it’s too early to know what Hurricane Gustav is going to do. Most predictions say that even if it comes anywhere near the Greater New Orleans area, it’ll take five days to do so. So getting worried about it isn’t really a rational response at this point.

Even more irrational, though, would be to try to pretend it isn’t there.

Ever since Katrina, three years ago, those of us on the Gulf Coast watch these things with a sharper eye than we used to. I still maintain that, in this day and age, death by hurricane is avoidable. We know, literally, days in advance when the storm is coming. We have time to get out. For those who can’t physically move themselves, we should have a competent system in place to evacuate them. (The biggest of the many flaws Katrina exposed, in my opinion, was the total ineptness of the local government in this regard.) Those of us who CAN get out on our own, we’ve got no excuse not to.

Hopefully we won’t have to. Hopefully it’ll take a turn elsewhere, or peter out before it reaches us, or perhaps Superman will swoop down, fly in the opposite direction, and just unwind the sucker. But in case he doesn’t, we’re getting ready. Don’t worry (Erin, I’m talking to you). Me and mine will be okay. I have faith in this.

But we’re going to keep watching.

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