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2 in 1 Showcase Episode 84: Geoff Johns

He seems to win a pick of the week every other episode, so Blake and Chase finally devote an entire hour to the amazing Geoff Johns. From his groundbreaking work on Green Lantern to his upcoming revamp of the Flash to the totally brilliant revitalization of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the guys discuss why they like his work, what makes him so darn good, and whether or not Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds will be as awesome as Blackest Night. In the picks, Blake goes with the first issue of the new Vertigo series, Air, while Chase is blown away by The Walking Dead #51. Please stay tuned after the theme music for a quick message from Blake about the Showcase crew’s efforts to dodge Hurricane Gustav. Keep us in your prayers, friends.

Episode 84: Geoff Johns
Inside This Episode:

Come back early tomorrow morning, guys, I’ll let you know what we’ve decided for Gustav.

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