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Other People’s Heroes Audio Drama-Part II

Well, folks, I asked and you answered. Yesterday, I asked who would be interested in an audio version of Other People’s Heroes. (And if you didn’t answer that post, please, click on over and do so.) I have to admit I was a little surprised. My buddy AJ suggested that, when I do the audio version, I get other people to do the non-Josh voices. And other posters agreed.

So I thought.

Here’s the thing — recording an podcast novel ain’t exactly easy. When I did A Long November, it took me about three minutes of editing time for every minute I had recorded to get episode prepared to put online. That’s when I’m basically just listening to myself, cutting out bad takes, coughs, “ums” and dead air.

Doing a full-cast version… that’s changing it from an audio novel to something more akin to a full-blown audio drama. There’s casting, like you’d have to do for a play. Direction to try to get the actors to read the line in a way that you think fits the story and the character. Just trying to GET a full cast (and OPH has a LOT of characters). Recording everyone’s lines and then sitting there for hours, cutting and pasting each person’s audio track into the main track to make it flow into a seamless show.

Plus, OPH is considerably longer than the 9-episode, 4.5-hour long ALN. In fact, it’s about four times as long. This is a serious commitment in time, manhours, and work, and all for a medium that doesn’t actually pay, but instead would hopefully be an engine to drive other revenue (ultimately in the form of book sales).

But damn it, the more I think about it, the more I want to do it.

I’m not saying the decision has been made. But I’d really like to know what you guys think about the idea.

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