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What’s in your Queue?

So, Netflix. I know a lot of you have got it. I joined up about a year ago, shortly after my good friend Jason closed down the video store he used to run in favor of a job with Verizon. I must say, I don’t know that I’ll ever feel the urge to go to a video store again. I love the sheer convenience of Netflix, of having the movies delivered right to my home, of being able to keep them as long asI want without worrying about late fees or anything like that. It’s also great to help me sample television shows that I’ve heard good things about, but never got to watch. I’m not going to spend $50 on a boxed set of a TV show I may wind up not liking when I see it. But there’s no risk at all with this system, I just add the DVDs of the show to my queue. After I watch the first one, if I like it, I get more. If I don’t, I remove the rest of the discs from the queue and go on to the next show.

So far, I’ve already gotten into the shows Titus and Dexter this way, watching the first seasons of each in fairly short order, with the rest added to the queue and waiting to come to me. Today I’m trying out another show I never saw before, Torchwood. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a huge fan of the BBC show Doctor Who, but as the spin-off series never aired on Sci-Fi (and we don’t get BBC America on my cable provider) I never got a chance to try the other show.

Thanks to Netflix, I just watched the first episode. I like it. It’s very, very different from Doctor Who, first of all. It’s a much darker show with much more mature content — the violence is more explicit, the sexual content is increased, and the language is harsher. It’s easy to forget, after all, that the good Doctor was originally concieved as a show for Children — it’s just that the original fans never grew out of it and a whole new generation has come in since then. Torchwood is a show about a secret government agency formed to deal with the sort of alien technology that the Doctor’s adventures have left strewn about the Earth. I really dug the first episode, and I’m watching the second right now. And yep, I’ve decided to keep the rest of the series in the queue.

So my question to you is, Netflix users, what have you got coming up in your queue? After this disc, I’ve got the 2000 movie Storyteller and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of Hamlet. Yes. Hamlet. So what have you ordered? And why?

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