2 in 1 Showcase Episode 107: Final Crisis Retrospective

It’s been a few weeks, the dust has settled, and the guys are ready to pick into DC’s Final Crisis. Chase tells us what he didn’t like, Blake tries to explain the ending, they give their thoughts about the future of Batman and the Multiverse, and talk about the state of “The Crossover” in comics in general. In the picks this week, Geoff Johns dominates, as Chase selects Green Lantern #37 and Blake gushes like a schoolgirl over Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3. Write us with comments, suggestions, picks of the week, “Ask Chase Anything” questions, or anything else at Showcase@Comixtreme.com!

Episode 107: Final Crisis Retrospective
Inside this Episode:

PLUS: The boys bring you a quick Week in Geek this week, with their initial impressions of the new episode of Lost, “316,” plus their thoughts on recent episodes of Chuck, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and the premiere episode of Dollhouse!

Week in Geek #11: A Lost 316 Quickie and a TV Roundup!

AND: In a special bonus mini-episode, Chase brings you his review of the new remake of the slasher classic Friday the 13th!

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 106.5: Friday the 13th (2009) Review

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