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Toy Stories: Back in Time

Can you believe that in just six short years we’re going to have flying cars, self-lacing shoes, clothes that tailor and dry themselves, and hoverboards? At least, that’s what we were promised back in 1989, when Marty McFly and Doc Brown journeyed to the year 2015 in Back to the Future Part II. I’ve always loved these movies, I’m really excited that they’re all out on individual DVDs right now (the first of which includes the video of the late, lamented Universal Studios ride), and now on the 20th anniversary of the second film, we’re getting toys. Specifically: the Mini-Mates!

Marty in disguise, Marty on the hoverboard, Future Doc Brown, and Alternate 1985 Biff

Marty in disguise, Marty on the hoverboard, Future Doc Brown, and Alternate 1985 Biff

I got this Back to the Future Part II four-pack from the website, which is easily the best website devoted to this franchise. If you love the films, check it out — there’s lots of news, interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff and merchandise available here. Anyway, let’s look at these figures one at a time. On the far left, we have “Marty in disguise,” with the 80s-era Michael Jackson leather jacket and hat. Ah, for the days when you could discuss Michael Jackson without holding a little tighter to your children. The figure looks good, although I find it odd that the hat and hair are a single piece. The next Marty comes with the famous hoverboard and wears the jacket that can size and dry itself. I say keep the hoverboard, work on the technology that will automatically dry my socks when I step in a puddle. Future Doc has a removable pair of silver shades, and Alternate 1985 Biff has the gold chain and stern expression he made famous.

Going through these four reminded me of another four-pack I got about a year ago. I dug out the photo I snapped of those back then.

1885 Marty, 1985 Marty, Buford Tannen & 1885 Doc

1885 Marty, 1985 Marty, Buford Tannen & 1885 Doc

The Back to the Future III four-pack included the western characters. 1885 Marty comes with his “Mr. Eastwood” hat and poncho — and if you remove the poncho, you see the metal stove-plate. I love little details like that. 1985 Marty is what you’d expect. Buford Tannenand 1885 Doc Brown each come witha firearm, which is cool, but it’s touch to keep track of all the little weapons some of these figures come out with.

There are also several Mini-Mates available based on the original movie, and I intend to get those sooner or later too. We seem to have entered a new age of Back to the Future merchandise, with an 1:5-scale Delorean model, a Flux Capacitor replica, and Marty’s dazzlingly ugly holographic hat from Part II all either available or coming out soon. It’s a nice time for fans of the Back to the Future films.

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