Happy Easter! (Happier Spring Break)

Well friends, last night was the last Lenten Seafood Feast of the season, and tomorrow is the first Barbecue of the season. According to my liturgical calendar, that makes today Holy Saturday. I hope all of you have a very Happy Easter doing… whatever it is you do on Easter.

Although a lot of schools across the country have already had theirs, this week is our Spring Break, and it couldn’t come soon enough. We’re in the part of the year where the kids can see the end in sight. Summer vacation is less than two months away, and that knowledge really gets some kids charged up. Even the good kids are getting antsy, and hopefully this week off will burn out this nervous energy so we can be productive in the final six weeks or so of classes.

Me? I hope to spend the time off catching up on some writing, minus a Wednesday meeting with the ninth-grade redesign team. Even on my week off, I don’t get a week off.


1 Response to “Happy Easter! (Happier Spring Break)”

  1. April 11, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    You should spend it here.


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