Toy Stories: Johnny, James, and Bruce

Time once again for a Toy Stories feature, friends. This week I’ve got three more Marvel heroes for you, two from the Marvel Universe line, the third from the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine toys. Let’s shall, shall we?

First up is Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. As you may remember, I featured Johnny once before, in his “Flame On” form. Like I’ve said before, I do like variant action figures, as long as the variant makes sense. We’ve seen blazing Johnny. Here he is in his Fantastic Four uniform:

Flaming on... a little.

Flaming on… a little.

The FF Johnny isn’t a bad figure, but it does point out the two major problems I have with the basic Marvel Universe male body figure. The posing is awkward in the torso, with no waist articulation and a weird sort of ball socket around the ribcage. Also, the head (as I’ve mentioned before) really is too small for the neck. The only other problem I’ve got here is Johnny’s hair. Clearly, they wanted to used the same head for both figures, but as this is a “normal” Johnny, I would much rather have just had his hair instead of a superfluous burst of flame. Still, I assume the line will eventually put out all four members of the team, and I’d like to get them all in their basic togs.

Next, two guys who were both members of the Fantastic Four for a whopping total of three issues:

Wolverine Brown

Wolverine “Brown”

As you may expect, the X-Men Origins: Wolverineline has about a trillion figures of James Howlett, a.k.a. Logan, a.k.a. Patch, a.k.a. the World’s Hairiest Canadian, a.k.a. Wolverine. This particular version features Wolverine in the costume he wore through much of the 80s and early 90s, which remains a fan favorite. And let’s be honest, this is a more natural look for him than the more frequent yellow-and-blues he wears. This is a pretty good figure, although the torso has the same problems as the standard Marvel Universefigures. And what’s with the sword? I know they want to give him an accessory, and I’ve been told this particular sword comes from a story in the craptacular Wolverine: Origins series, but if you have six blades coming out of your forearms, do you really need another sword?

Hulk smash puny 3.75-inch figures!

Hulk smash puny 3.75-inch figures!

Rounding out this group is the man who keeps the Purple Pants Company of Patterson, New Jersey in business, the Incredible Hulk! Clearly, they couldn’ use the basic body for Bruce Banner’s alter-ego, but the basic working is the same. However, the larger size of the body makes the socket ribcage much less awkward than on the usual figures. The sculpt is good too, although I think they could have tried to make him a tad bit angrier. Pound for pound, though, this is my favorite toy of the bunch.


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