Toy Stories/What I’m Watching: Green Lantern-First Flight

Like they did a few months ago with the Wonder Woman movie, the new animated Green Lantern: First Flight movie is available at Best Buy with an exclusive action figure based on the movie design. Since I was going to get the movie anyway, there was no reason not to get the one with the Infinite Heroes toy and give you guys a review.

I’m not going to talk too much about the movie itself. I did a review over at Comixtreme.com, and you can read it there for my in-depth thoughts. I do have a couple of comments about the DVD set I wanted to share. First, the good — Warner Premiere is raising the bar on bonus goodies for these DVDs. In addition to two GL-focused episodes of the old Justice League cartoon, this set also has the “Green Loontern” episode of the unfairly-forgotten Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century cartoon, in which Daffy Duck accidentally gets Hal Jordan’s dry cleaning and becomes a Green Lantern. Plus, the DVD has a bonus feature about the current Blackest Night storyline, which may be the first time a DVD has promoted a comic book, and a very nice preview of the next movie in this series, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

Now the bad: like the Wonder Woman DVD, this DVD includes a digital download of the film to be used on laptops and personal devices such as an iPod. Although my iPod doesn’t have video capabilities, I assume that I’ll eventually upgrade to a newer one that can play videos, and when that happens, I want to have this content available, so I’ve been saving the digital version of any DVD that happens to include one. I was startled, then, to realize the Green Lantern digital copy is in the Windows Media format, which is utterly incompatible with the iPod, the Zune, or the PSP. So I have to say, “Hey, Warner Brothers! What the hell? Why even bother giving us a digital copy if we can’t use it on our devices? The whole reason DVDs started to include digital versions in the first place is to try to cut down on piracy, but if people can’t use the digital versions, they’re just gonna go right back to pirating. This is really stupid, and I can only hope that the next DVD is something I can actually watch on other devices.

Anyway, on to the action figure. As you may recall, I already have two Infinite Heroes Hal Jordan figures — the basic version and a clear green variant. I expected this figure to be a simple repaint of that body, but I was pleasantly surprised. The head is a slightly different sculpt, but the rest of the body is almost totally different. The changes are subtle, and I didn’t even realize them at first. If you look at the hands, though, they’re different than the other two — the left hand is in a fist, and the right, while still open, isn’t as wide open as the other. The real great thing, however, is the legs. The knee is no longer the simple hinge joint like the other figures, but instead a hinged ball. That, along with articulated ankles, gives the figure a much greater degree of poseability than any of the other Infinite Heroes action figures in my collection. The previous Hal Jordan figure was just a masked head on the basic body. Since Green Lantern doesn’t have a cape, spikes, poofy boots or gloves or anything else that needs to be added to the costume, it didn’t require special sculpts for any part. That gives me great hope that this is the new male body type, just as the Wonder Woman figure was better than the basic female body type. Let’s see more figures like this one, Mattel.

And while we’re talking Green Lantern toys, I’ve got one other figure I want to introduce you guys to. As big a fan as I am of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, I haven’t been collecting the action figures, mostly because I’ve been into the Infinite Heroes and I didn’t want to get sucked into two separate lines. But when I saw this guy — one of my favorite characters — on clearance at Target, I needed to rescue him from the dustbin of the toy aisle.

Kilowog is not only one of Hal’s comrades in the Green Lantern Corps, he’s the main trainer for the entire Corps. If you want to be a Green Lantern, you’ve got to go through Kilowog first. The K-man here appears in First Flight, showed up in the Justice League cartoon, is playing a big role in the Green Lantern Corps comic book, and even co-starred with Daffy Duck in the aforementioned Duck Dodgers cartoon. He’s the same size as the other JLU toys, but as that line is slightly bigger than the Infinite Heroes, he’s almost in-scale with Hal here. I don’t like this line as much as the Infinite Heroes — there’s very little articulation (just the hips, shoulders, and neck), and with a character as topheavy as Kilowog, it makes it very difficult to stand him up. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Infinite Heroes will expand to slightly larger figures the way Marvel Universe did for the Hulk and the Thing, because this is a great character who deserves a great action figure.

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  1. October 18, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I saw your review. I think we disagree about how much development the plot really allowed. It was not Burnett’s finest writing achievement. Despite the stellar voice cast, it was disappointing.

    Here is our take on it with lots of pics and a few bits if wit if you are interested:


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