Today’s important developments:

1. I called the DMV to get word that they did, in fact, receive a fax informing them that the car I drove in 2005 was totaled, which is why I stopped paying for the insurance, so could they please let me renew my driver’s license now?

2. My honors class sang “Happy birthday” to me when I walked in the room. I was so touched I didn’t even mention anything about the RIAA or copyright infringement. It was really very sweet.

3. I raced to the DMV to get my license renewed before they closed. The otherwise very nice woman there temporarily had lost the fax. You see, this is the culmination of a three week ordeal that began with my attempt to renew my license before school started again. I was told there was an insurance block due to the failure to pay insurance on a car that no longer existed, as it was totaled in 2005 by someone who doesn’t know what a “YIELD” sign is. So I had to get proof it was totaled from an insurance company my State Farm rep had never heard of before. Then I attempted to clear this up with that “statement of loss” they sent me, only to be told that she forgot to include the VIN number. Then I tried again, only to be told she gave me the WRONG VIN number. Then came today. So the very nice woman looked for the latest fax while I wondered if I snapped and started assaulting people with the driver’s license camera, would it make it to CNN? Then she found it and renewed my license, so I let her live.

4. I attended the first night of the last class I need to get my full teaching certification.

5. I was made aware of a new website that I’m sure will be highly awesome, The Anonymous Teacher. I’m sure you can guess what this is all about.

6. I got home to find nearly 100 Facebook posts waiting for me. I swear, before the computer age, no one EVER got wished a happy birthday this often.

7. I combined assorted monetary and gift card donations related to today’s date and finally, finally ordered that Amazon Kindle I’ve been harping about for months. No doubt once I actually have it in my hands, I’ll start harping on a whole different level.

8. My grandmother called and sang Happy Birthday to me. It wouldn’t be today if she didn’t.


2 Responses to “Today’s important developments:”

  1. 1 Randy
    August 25, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Ha…Possible related posts….How to Shop for New Car Insurance and Save Big…ROTFL

  2. August 25, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    I still wanna hear a Mimi Happy Birthday song….

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