Workin’ in a coal mine…

Okay, maybe sitting in front of my laptop at the kitchen table isn’t exactly “in a coal mine,” but I’ve been working a heck of a lot lately. First, the stuff that you guys can see obviously. Next week I’m going to present the final chapter of Lost in Silver. So all of you folks who tell me you’ve been waiting for the story to finish before you even start reading it… well, I don’t blame you. But you will soon have no excuses.

Does this mean a return of Summer Love to the Realms? In a word… no. At least, not now. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my drive for Summer Love suffered a major blow when I realized that the story I was working on was frighteningly similar to a pretty popular series of young adult novels. Yeah. Those. So I’ve been trying to work my way through the end of the story in some other fashion. I’m not there yet. I hope to be soon. This, however, is the reason I’m not going to be starting any new fiction project here at Evertime Realms soon. The experience with Summer Love has taught me that it’s a big mistake to begin serializing a story that isn’t finished yet. I haven’t yet decided what my next online project will be, but I assure you whatever it is will be finished before I post a single word here.

So what have I been working on? Mostly A Long November and Other Stories. Now that I’ve actually got a Kindle in my hot little hands (well… not at this instant, I need both hands for typing), I believe in the format more than ever. So I’m working hard on edits and renovations to all nine of the stories that are going to make up my Yuletide anthology. It’s coming along nicely.

The other major project weighing on my mind at the moment is going to be coming your way sooner than you think. Beginning this fall, Blake M. Petit’s Evercast is going to be my new podcast home, where I’m going to release my fiction — both short stories, and serialized novels and novellas — in audio format. I’m going to launch this new podcast the last week in October, hopefully with a new Halloween-themed short story (but if I don’t finish one, I’ve got some old ones I may present). After that, you can look forward to a presentation of A Long November in the feed leading up to Christmas, then in the new year, something that’s never been in your ears before.

It’s going to be a lot of work, and frankly, I’m already exhausted. But I’m psyched about it, and I hope you guys will get behind it as much as I already am. After all, without you out there listening, I’m pretty much just talking to myself. And that’s not healthy for anyone.

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