Everything But Imaginary #322: Enter DC Entertainment

Just nine short days after the news that Disney is buying Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers and DC Comics announced today that they are restructuring their corporate relationship, creating the new DC Entertainment brand. Like with the Disney/Marvel thing, this is still breaking news and there are still a lot of questions unanswered. So like last week, I’m going to try to look at all the angles of this new structure, although there will probably be fewer things to take into account, and I won’t have the benefit of two days of pondering before I write the column. Still, I’ll give it a shot. Because that’s the kind of geek pundit I am.

Everything But Imaginary #322: Enter DC Entertainment

1 Response to “Everything But Imaginary #322: Enter DC Entertainment”

  1. 1 Philip
    September 9, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    I’m shocked at your enjoyment of Justice League: Cry For Justice mostly because my taste in comics usually falls right in line with yours. My main problem with it is that the writing is pretty bad, as in the scripting of what the characters say. Follow that up with a plot so weak that it seems like it was put together by a random computer generator and it’s shocking that Robinson once wrote The Golden Age. I’m scared to pick up my Starman tpb’s because I’m afraid I’ll find that it’s not his quality of writing that’s changed, but my just my enjoyment. I like the characters he’s using and I find them interesting; Atom and Green Arrow are two of my faves, I’m glad someone’s using Congo Bill again, and Prometheus is a woefully misused villain, but Robinson’s trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Other reviewers have summed up the problems better than I can, but needless to say, I really want to read this because it seems like something I should enjoy, but it’s really one of the worst things I’ve ever read.

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