More work… more money… more work… more money…

Looks like I’m going to be a lot busier for the forseeable future. One of the English teachers at my school is going on a leave of absence. We don’t know at this point if he will return this semester, so they don’t want to hire a replacement. Instead, they’re asking other teachers to take his classes during their off-hours, in exchange for a bump in pay.

The good: a bump in pay. At least for a few weeks, possibly until the end of May.

Goodwill at the school. It reflects well on me that they even asked, and it will reflect better if I do it.

The bad: An extra class to prepare for. I’ve never taught English III before, and I’ve never even looked at the textbook bfore today. If I can get together with some of the other teachers who teach English III, that would be a help.

An extra 20ish students. I’m usually pretty damn tired by the end of the day as it is, having dealt with 85 ninth graders by then.

Pulling back on my 9th grade team, which I really feel bad about. I’ve already talked to them and they all encouraged me to do it (for the money) but I hate to dump my teaming work in their laps.

This is my favorite part of the bads — I’ll have to stay later every day. Because I’m giving up my planning period, and because the union regs say I must HAVE a planning period, I’ll have to stay an extra 90 minutes after the end of school every day. Granted, with an extra class and no planning time, I’d probably stay late anyway. But not 90 minutes a day.

I’ve decided to take the job, because extra money is nice. And it’s only until May. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my mind on the way.


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