What I’m Reading: Green Lantern Corps #46

We’re in the home stretch of Blackest Night now, with only this week’s Green Lantern Corps #46 and next week’s Green Lantern #52 before we reach the grand finale. In this issue, the members of all seven Corps (well, six if you consider that the Orange Lanterns are really a “Corps” of one) have united in the face of the Black Lantern onslaught. Together, they set out for Earth, where all the Black Lanterns in the universe are beginning to converge. As they fight on, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner are assaulted by Black Lantern avatars of two of the women who have meant the most to them in the universe.

This is really a stellar issue. Peter Tomasi will soon be leaving this title to take on the Guy-centric title, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, but he’s sure as hell going out with a bang. The face-off between Guy and Ice (one the resurrected heroes transformed into a Black Lantern) is gut-wrenching stuff. Guy’s always been the hardass of the Corps, and seeing how Ice has the ability to break through his facade is one of the reasons the relationship works. Kyle’s adversary, meanwhile, evokes one of the most infamous moments in Green Lantern history. It, too, is a tough moment, but it underscores just how far Kyle has come as a character in the years since his introduction.

The cooperation between the multiple Corps is a lot of fun too, showcasing a lot of different characters from the different groups and bringing in a surprise guest-star to help the Lanterns deal with Nekron’s secret weapon, hiding inside the Black Lantern Power Battery. I’m a little surprised to see this storyline dealt with here. This is something that was set up way back in Sinestro Corps War, and I rather expected it to play out in the main title. It works well, mind you, but I’m still surprised.

This issue was like watching a great TV show and realizing, just when you think it’s over, that you’re watching a double-length episode. The issue is extra-length, but it never feels drawn out or tedious. Quite to the contrary, so much happens in this issue that I’m almost surprised they managed to fit it all in. Tomasi knows these characters in and out, and Patrick Gleason‘s art has never looked better. This event has played out masterfully, and with books like this as the lead-in to the finale, I’m more excited than ever.

Rating: 9/10

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