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Toy Stories: Nola Comic-Con 2010

You didn’t think I was done with posts about Nola Comic-Con, did you? Aside from meeting pros and fellow fans, the best thing about a comic convention is trying to get your hands on some sweet deals. In my case, that meant some miniature plastic buddies that I’d like to share with you guys now…

To boldly go... into three different time periods at once, evidently...

First up, I got my hands on three separate Star Trek Mini-Mates Series 4 packages, each with a couple of figures from three different time periods in the Star Trek universe. From the left you see a Borg Drone and Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Admiral James T. Kirk and “Duty Uniform” Scotty from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Dr. Leonard McCoy and Nurse Christine Chapel circa Star Trek: The Original Series. These guys will look just dandy next to the Star Trek Mini-Mates I’ve already got.

But were those the only Mini-Mates I got? Don’t be ridiculous…

"So, guys, do you think they're gonna bust us?"

This creepy quartet comes courtesy of the Ghostbusters Mini-Mate line, and I believe the four ghosts you see here were all bad guys from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon show. Here we see Chef DeMassi, Alzetor, the Architect and a Black Slime Monster. These guys are just waiting for the boys to come in and bust ’em up.

"Just smile, boys. Nobody knows who we are now, but wait until May 7..."

These three guys, each sold separately, are part of the line for the upcoming Iron Man 2 film. In the center we have arms dealer Justin Hammer, bane of Tony Stark. To his left is a battle-damaged Hammer Drone, to the right a Tactical Assault Drone. Hammer is big on drones, you see.

"Slashie slashie!" "..."

And finally, for me at least, it’s our old pals Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, courtesy of the “Cinema of Fear” toy line. The line also features Leatherface, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but as I’ve never really been a fan of that series, I passed on his figure. These two figures, in my beloved 3.75-inch scale, look really good, but they do illustrate something toymakers really need to consider. Accessories are awesome, but they have to be practical. Jason’s hands are unsuitable to hold either his axe or machete, and Freddy’s garbage can lid is just pointless.

Also at the con, I got some reading material. The entire run of the Power of the Atom series for a dollar each, several issues of Marvel’s old humor magazine Not Brand Ecch, Essential volumes of Marvel Two-In-One, Nova and X-Men, and a little goodie for Erin that I’m not prepared to show anybody yet, because her birthday is coming up. I did, however, get one thing for her that I am willing to share:


"Hiya, puddin'!"

Erin loves collecting original sketches from comic artists she likes, so she commissioned me to get a sketch for her from Chew artist Rob Guillory. As I didn’t know what character she wanted, I went with her favorite, Harley Quinn.

So the Nola-Comic Con was great. What’s next?

Why FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, of course! It’s the ninth annual Free Comic Book Day, tomorrow, May 1, and the 2 in 1 Showcase crew will be at BSI Comics in Metairie, Louisiana all day. If you’re in southern Louisiana, drop on by to chat with us, meet the rest of BSI’s awesome panel of guests, and get your hands on some free comics. If you’re not in southern Louisiana, then find a store in your own area that’s participating. Don’t know where any local comic shops are? We’ve got you covered. Go to and use the free comic shop locator service. Just punch in your ZIP code and the locator will give you a list of participating stores in your area.

And one last plea, friends — the comic books are free to the reader, but not to the retailer. So while you’re out there tomorrow getting your goodies, please, find something to buy, too. It’s the least you can do.


Photos from Nola Comic-Con 2010

I’m in kind of a time crunch today — working on a short story that I’m having some trouble piecing together. So I thought I’d give you guys some pictures to gaze upon. These were taken last weekend at the second annual Nola Comic-Con by myself, Mike “Technodunce” Bellamy, and Mike’s girlfriend Nicole…

Blake, Daniel, and Mike displaying the sort of professionalism the 2 in 1 Showcase podcast is known for.

The Harley and the Ivy.

The Harley and the Ivy.


Mike on a Mission

Nicole meets Our Favorite Sithlord.

BSI's Monty draws him some Deadpool.

Bet you never saw THIS come out of the Tardis before...

Best quote of the convention: when I heard this dad telling his kid, "No, you can't hold a lightsaber like that! You'll lose your hand!"

Ready to join... THE FRAY? (Man, I hope someone out there is nerdy enough to get that joke.)

Want to see more? Of course you do. You can view all of the pictures from Nola Comic-Con 2010 at my Flickr Album!


Everything But Imaginary #349: Make Free Comic Book Day Something Special

This Saturday is the ninth (ninth!) annual Free Comic Book Day. The ninth year that fans can go out to the comic shop, get their hands on some free goodies, and expose themselves to comics they may not have sampled otherwise. But is that all there is to it? God, I hope not.

Everything But Imaginary #349: Make Free Comic Book Day Something Special


Dark: A Horror Anthology NOW AVAILABLE!

Back in September, I told you guys that my short stories, “Copper” and “The Worst Part,” were being included in the new book Dark: A Horror Anthology. Today I’m pleased as punch to announce that the book is now available for sale! Let me tell you guys what you can expect in Dark, straight from the solicitation copy:

Fourteen authors come together to bring you their vision of horror in Dark: A Horror Anthology. Many of the iconic creatures of horror’s history resurface in fresh and innovative ways-zombies, werewolves, and chupacabras abound. There are plenty of new things to fear as well, a broken world, a myth of the murky depths, and a knife that cuts twice. Whatever your favorite flavor may be there is an author in these pages that serves it up. Authors include: Matt R. Jones, Bryan Wolford, Casey Criswell, J.P. Moore, Keith Latch, Sal Cipriano, Desmond Reddick, Sean Keller, Dezi Sienty, Cassandra Thomas, Blake M. Petit, Corey Graham, Derek M. Koch, and Steve Wands.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? So here’s what you need to do right now. Click on over to the Dark: A Horror Anthology Createspace page, create a free account, and plunk down your $12.95 for 310 pages of terror. For those of you reeeeeally don’t want to go through Createspace, the book is also available at, but we’d prefer you use Createspace just because… y’know… Amazon has to take their cut. And for those of you, like me, who have been going digital with your books, there’s even a Kindle Edition available. What could be finer?


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 168: Nola Comic-Con 2010

The second annual Nola Comic-Con was this weekend, and Blake and Mike spent the weekend walking the floor and talking to all the guests. Sit back and listen to conversations with Mike Rainwater of Garage Raja, Kurt Amacker of Dead Souls, current Deadpool and incoming X-Men writer Victor Gishler, the crew of the online Vampire RPG Bloodletting, Dom Ducote of the Pop Media Primecast, Vernon Smith from The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast and Return of the Lovin’ Dead, Kody Chamberlain of the upcoming Image murder mystery Sweets, artist Rob Guillory from the Eisner-Nominated Chew, TransFormers artist Robby Musso, and our old friends from Mass Casualty Comics! Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

2 in 1 Showcase Episode 168: Nola Comic-Con 2010
Inside This Episode:


In brief…

The first day of the 2010 Nola Comic-Con was awesome.

It was great to meet some of you guys, great to talk to some many creators, retailers, and fans, great to spend the day surrounded by the medium we love.

Hope to see more of you tomorrow!

This week’s podcast, by the way, may be a bit later than usual, as we’ll be at the con recording until 6 p.m. Hope you guys can stand the wait.


Nola Comic-Con 2010: Be There or Be… Someplace Else!

No time for a long post tonight, friends. I’m in some last-minute preparations for this weekend’s Nola Comic-Con, which you may remember me mentioning here about a month or so ago. There are going to be a lot of great guests, a lot of artists, a lot of booths and retailers selling their wares. I’ll be there with several other Showcase luminaries recording all weekend, and not only that, but I’ll have copies of my comic book writing debut from Tales From the Plex #4 available for just a measly three bucks. If you’re in the New Orleans area and you’re a geek, you have NO excuse not to come on by!

Need more information? Well what are you waiting here for? Get thee to!


Interview With the Tin Man (Evercast #17)

After last episode’s mysterious interruption, I got a strange article e-mailed to me, also from Powerlines Magazine. It appears to be an interview with an old, retired… well… I’ll let you see for yourself. And after the interview, stick around for a message from storyteller Scott Roche of!

Interview With the Tin Man (Evercast #17)

Theme music by Jeff Hendricks. Evercast logo by Heather Petit-Keller.

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Resting up

I stayed home from work today, which I don’t do often, and I REALLY hated doing two days before our (terribly delayed) Spring Break. But it’s not like you can exactly control when you feel sick.

Which is too bad, as I’ve generally felt better lately. My shirts seem to have been getting bigger lately. It’s been quite a while since I had that particular issue. I kind of like it.

Got to find some time to work on that little idea I mentioned last week. I feel like I’m writing a spec script, a screenplay for a television episode that the writer doesn’t actually expect to ever see produced, but is intended more to show what he’s capable of. Which is actually a pretty good feeling in and of itself. My creative partner and I have hammered out something that I really think gets to the heart of the character involved. Wish us luck.

(I am NOT, I should stress, writing a screenplay. I just have that sort of feel.)


Toy Stories: A Little More Vinylmation

How about a few Vinylmation figures to keep you occupied this fine evening?

These five guys are all part of the third “Urban” series of Disney’s Vinylmation figures. The Urban line is based around more or less random designs, without necessarily being linked to the Disney Parks (like the “Parks” series) or any specific theme (like the rest of the series). Although Vinylmation figures don’t have any “official” names, the unofficial names of these five guys are, from left, Diver, Cursive, WDW Puzzle, Steampunk, and Cookie Jar. I am not a completist with the Vinylmation toys, I only try to get those I like, and I like all of these. The designs are cool, and some of them really use the Mickey shape well.

Also recently released was a set of Vinylmation figures based on the classic Jim Henson Muppet characters (which Disney now owns, in case you forgot). This is one set where I WOULD like to get them all, but thus far, only four of them have found their way into my possession. From the left we have Waldorf and Statler (the two old men who harass Fozzie Bear whenever he’s performing — they’re usually called “Statler and Waldorf,” but they always sit in the opposite order, which is how I’ve got them here), Miss Piggy, and the Swedish Chef. The Vinylmation line really works for some characters, not so well for others. You can’t really tell in these pictures, but the Mickey Mouse “nose bump” looks really weird on a few of these guys. Still, I love the Muppets, so I have to try to round up more of these.

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