Toy Stories: A Little More Vinylmation

How about a few Vinylmation figures to keep you occupied this fine evening?

These five guys are all part of the third “Urban” series of Disney’s Vinylmation figures. The Urban line is based around more or less random designs, without necessarily being linked to the Disney Parks (like the “Parks” series) or any specific theme (like the rest of the series). Although Vinylmation figures don’t have any “official” names, the unofficial names of these five guys are, from left, Diver, Cursive, WDW Puzzle, Steampunk, and Cookie Jar. I am not a completist with the Vinylmation toys, I only try to get those I like, and I like all of these. The designs are cool, and some of them really use the Mickey shape well.

Also recently released was a set of Vinylmation figures based on the classic Jim Henson Muppet characters (which Disney now owns, in case you forgot). This is one set where I WOULD like to get them all, but thus far, only four of them have found their way into my possession. From the left we have Waldorf and Statler (the two old men who harass Fozzie Bear whenever he’s performing — they’re usually called “Statler and Waldorf,” but they always sit in the opposite order, which is how I’ve got them here), Miss Piggy, and the Swedish Chef. The Vinylmation line really works for some characters, not so well for others. You can’t really tell in these pictures, but the Mickey Mouse “nose bump” looks really weird on a few of these guys. Still, I love the Muppets, so I have to try to round up more of these.

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