Resting up

I stayed home from work today, which I don’t do often, and I REALLY hated doing two days before our (terribly delayed) Spring Break. But it’s not like you can exactly control when you feel sick.

Which is too bad, as I’ve generally felt better lately. My shirts seem to have been getting bigger lately. It’s been quite a while since I had that particular issue. I kind of like it.

Got to find some time to work on that little idea I mentioned last week. I feel like I’m writing a spec script, a screenplay for a television episode that the writer doesn’t actually expect to ever see produced, but is intended more to show what he’s capable of. Which is actually a pretty good feeling in and of itself. My creative partner and I have hammered out something that I really think gets to the heart of the character involved. Wish us luck.

(I am NOT, I should stress, writing a screenplay. I just have that sort of feel.)

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