Back to Reality

After far too brief a summer, my students returned to school today. As I may have mentioned here before, I’ve been switched from ninth grade English to eleventh grade this year. As I’ve been teaching freshmen for a few years now, though, that raised the very real possibility of repeat students. I went through my mental Rolodex of students from the 08-09 school year thinking things like, “I’d teach him again,” “She was a good student,” and, “If I ever see that kid again I’ll drive into an old growth forest at 80 miles per hour and whatever happens happens.”

Sure enough, when I got the roster, there were about ten kids out of the fifty-ish juniors that sat in my class two years ago. I was pleased to see it was no one I couldn’t handle.

Perhaps the bigger concern for me is my new technology–thanks to a grant written by a friend of mine who’s at another school this year, I have a fancy new Promethean Board in my class. (It may also be schmancy, I’m not sure yet.) This has been described to me as everything from a smart board on steroids to the greatest educational tool since kids figured out how to text test answers to each other.

Thing is, I haven’t the foggiest notion how it works.

I consider myself of at least above-average computer literacy. I can’t build or repair one, but I can use mine fairly effectively for a lot more things than just writing and selling fake celebrity hair samples on eBay. But this is a whole different animal. And I need someone to show me how to take it out for a walk. That metaphor is AWESOME.

Once I’ve been trained, I’m sure I’ll have much to say. We’ll talk more then.


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