Conversation: On the Vegas Strip

For those of you who have never been to Las Vegas, you may still remember a few years ago when the city tried to clean up its image and become a family destination. Walking down the Vegas strip, at least one reason this initiative failed is obvious: six year olds don’t shop at Coach. Also, the large number of dedicated employees who do not allow their inability to speak English to stop them from from handing out cards with pictures of naked women on them to random people on the street.

As I walked down the strip with my friends this week, we found ourselves pounded by winds that would feel at home right there in New Orleans.

ME: I would love to see one of these guys trip and drop their cards. Just imagine a storm of porn whipping down the street at sixty miles an hour.

JASON: It would be like a… Pornicane!

ERIN: No! A pornado!

We laughed at our collective wit until the wind blasted sand into our mouths, necessitating that we step into the nearest place for a drink.


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