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Adventures in the GFL continue today

Lest you think I only pimp out my OWN work, lemme tell you guys about the next book by Scott Sigler. Starting today, Sigler is taking pre-orders for The All-Pro, the third book in his Galactic Football League series. I’ve been a fan of Sigler’s for years, I’ve read all of his books in print and listened to the podcast versions of the rest, and as good as it all is, somehow the GFL stuff has turned out to be my favorite.

In The Rookie we met Quentin Barnes, a football player in a future time when American football has become a galactic sport, with teams on dozens of planets and players of five different species. Quentin, a native of the backwater Purist Nation, has to fight against his own prejudices when he joins the Ionath Krakens, a team fighting for a Tier Two championship, in the hopes of getting to Tier One of the GLF. Book two, The Starter, follows Quentin’s second season with the Krakens, advancing the main story of the team’s quest for galactic football dominance, but also building on the series’ various sub-plots, such as Quentin’s search for his long-missing family and the building tensions among team owners with ties to organized crime.

I really love this series, even though I’m not a huge sports fan. The books are sci-fi adventures, mixed in with a little mob drama, but all seen through the prism of a great football story. Sigler does a great job of generating rich, entertaining characters. The books are aimed at a young adult market, suitable for ages 12 and up, while still having a lot of excitement for older readers. In fact, my only complaint about this series is that (so far, at least) there are no paperback versions. I would LOVE to put these books on the shelf in my classroom so my students could discover them, but I’m not gonna do that with the fancy, autographed hardcovers I’ve got.

The third book isn’t coming out until September, so you’ve got time to read the first two books if you aren’t convinced. There are only limited quantities of the hardcovers left, but they’re available as eBooks and audiobooks as well:

And once you’ve devoured these two, you can pre-order The All-Pro at Or if you’re willing to take the plunge, there are combo packs of the three hardcovers, eBooks, and audiobooks here as well:

Sigler’s page.

I wouldn’t be singing the praises of these books if I didn’t love ’em, guys. Check it out, it’s well worth the read.

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