Getting down to business… OPH2!

As I’ve mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, this week I started working on the sequel to Other People’s Heroes. It may be a little presumptuous, as the book just hit the eReader market and I’m still trying desperately to hustle up reviews and coverage wherever possible, but I made a decision this year that I’m going to work on some fiction project or another every day. And this is where the muse is calling me right now.

I won’t bombard you guys with OPH2 stuff constantly, I promise. Truth is, there’s not always a lot to talk about when you’re going through the actual mechanical process of writing, especially during a first draft, when the mandate is to just get the story out of your brain and on to paper where it can be sculpted as it should. But I did start, and I am excited, so I thought I’d give you guys just a little, teeny taste of what I’m doing. And therefore here, for your reading pleasure, is the opening paragraph of the sequel to Other People’s Heroes, also known as 14 Days of Asphalt:

I was busy with a fake museum robbery when my girlfriend called to tell me she was staying in California. This wasn’t unusual for me – fake robberies, fake plane crashes, fake alien invasions, that kind of stuff was what I did on a daily basis. I never carried my phone with me when I was in costume either, because (let’s face it) being a superhero is a rough job. Even in Siegel City, where fights are planned ahead of time and every punch is meticulously choreographed, accidents happen. People can get hurt. Things like “explosions” or “spontaneous bursts of microwave emissions” tend to “void” “warranties” and make me “lose” my entire “Weird Al playlist.” So at the same time I was crashing through the skylight of the Eisner Museum of Art, back at Simon Tower my phone was buzzing away in my hollow, tinny locker.

There ya go, folks. Literary gold. Tell your friends, and go read OPH while I get hard to work on this one.

2 Responses to “Getting down to business… OPH2!”

  1. April 14, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    Whoooooooooooooooo got you back into 14DoA/OPH2?

    just curious.

  2. May 1, 2011 at 12:05 am

    Hey Bubba,
    I admit I’m glad to see you’re still going to work on OPH2/14 Days. When you get it finished I’d love to read it. And I’m offering any help. If you need a fresh pair of eyes for a critque let me know. Been too long since we talked, so get in touch.
    Chris Cavillier1970@Yahoo.com

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