Other things I review…

I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind everyone that I actually write many, many reviews over at CX Pulp.com, if you’re interested. My comic reviews are ubiquitous, of course, but books and movies are a little different. If I read a book or watch a movie that’s not exactly current, I’ll put the review up here, but I put all reviews of new material over at CX. Here are a few of my more recent reviews you may have missed…

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  • The only way this DuckTales news could be better is if there were a Darkwing Duck spinoff. Please let there be a Darkwing Duck spinoff. 3 days ago
  • You have to question how someone can try to turn in a research paper a week late that STILL looks like he wrote it on the bus that morning. 5 days ago
  • Is Jared Leto going to shave to play the Joker or is he just going to try to cover the whole beard with makeup like Romero's mustache? 5 days ago
  • RT @Team_Barrowman: I want a #legoOscar jb 5 days ago
  • Cancel the rest of the Oscars. Nothing is going to top that performance. #EverythingIsAwesome #fb 5 days ago

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