Other things I review…

I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind everyone that I actually write many, many reviews over at CX Pulp.com, if you’re interested. My comic reviews are ubiquitous, of course, but books and movies are a little different. If I read a book or watch a movie that’s not exactly current, I’ll put the review up here, but I put all reviews of new material over at CX. Here are a few of my more recent reviews you may have missed…


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  • Hey all -- as of today, I'll be contributing the occasional article to GeekNerdery! My first article is online... fb.me/5Rl9TgfjE 7 hours ago
  • When did top 15 lists become the new top 10 lists? 1 day ago
  • Okay purge complete. If I'm still reading your tweets, congratulations! You made the cut! That doesn't really work, does it? 1 day ago
  • Likewise, a podcast about The Office that stopped producing episodes two years before The Office was off the air. 1 day ago
  • Then again, some of these just need to go. Not really much point in following the official twitter account for ABC's Lost anymore... 1 day ago

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