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A question for eBook authors…

As I mentioned here once or twice, Other People’s Heroes is now available as an eBook in virtually every format known to man. Which is awesome. But it wasn’t the only book I released through my former publisher. I recently finished revising the second book, The Beginner, and although I have a couple of other sets of eyes looking at it, it’s more or less ready to be released to the eBook universe.

My question here is… how long should I wait. OPH came out less than a month ago. If I released The Beginner right now, I’d be afraid of stepping on the other book. On the other hand, the two books are very different. OPH is a comedy/adventure, The Beginner is a dark fantasy/thriller… bordering on horror. While there would be some overlap, to be certain, I’d be aiming at another audience and submitting the book to a whole different set of book bloggers.

So the question I ask, those of you who have self-published eBooks, is how long do you think one should wait between releases?

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