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Two weeks until FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

The 2 in 1 Showcase boys and I just finished recording our annual Free Comic Book Day preview episode of the podcast, so I thought I would pop in and remind all of you guys to check it out. If you’ve never done FCBD before, it’s simple. Comic shops across America have graciously provided lots of free comic books for you to pick up on the first Saturday in May. And the best thing is that this year, the VAST majority of the FCBD offerings are very kid-friendly. We’re talking Archie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Inspector Gadget, Kung-Fu Panda, and even a couple of educational comics about, like, dinosaurs and the civil war! Plus, new stories with Thor, Atomic Robo, and many more.

Free Comic Book Day is two weeks from today. If you’ve ever read comics, or if you’ve got kids that you want to get reading, this is the time and the way to do it. To find the participating store nearest you, go to Free Comic Book and punch your zip code into the comic shop locator. While you’re there, look at the selection of books that will be offered this year. And if you’re in the New Orleans area, drop by BSI Comics, where the Showcase crew will be recording an episode in the middle of all the festivities!

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