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Your assignments this weekend…

Okay, guys. The weekend is here, and there’s a ton of great stuff to be done. Thor is finally in movie theaters, all over the country fairs and festivals are starting up, and I’m told that there are things called “baseball” and “fresh air” going on all over the place. Awesome sauce.

But there are two things you really ought to do this weekend, and they’re really simple, and they’ll cost you a combined total of 99 cents if you do ’em both. First of all, as I mentioned on Wednesday (and a few weeks ago, and every year before that on this weekend), Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. You go to any participating comic book store and there’ll be special edition books there. Stuff for the parents, plenty of stuff for the kids, and a lot of fun to be had by all.

If you don’t know where the nearest participating comic shop is, just go on to and punch your ZIP code into the comic shop locator. Bring your friends, bring your family, and try to buy a little something too (because those free shops do cost the shop owners money).

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Which is wonderful and joyous and we should all do very nice things for our moms. But if you’ve got yourself an Amazon Kindle or any device with a Kindle app on it (such devices include iPads, iPhone, iTouches, Android phones, Blackberries, PCs or Macs) you can get Scott Sigler’s new collection of short stories, Blood is Red, for a mere 99 cents. Sigler is one of the best purveyors of sci-fi, thriller, and horror fiction in the New Media realm that I’ve gotten so engrossed in, and there’s no doubt this collection of eight stories is something I’m really looking forward to.

Now the book is actually available for purchase now, but if you’re reading this when I post it on May 6, don’t buy it yet! That’s because Sigler is trying to make May 8 what he calls One Bad Motha’s Day. Hit Amazon on Sunday at noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific and buy the book then. The way Amazon ranking works, the more sales happen in a given period of time will help boost the book’s rankings in the Kindle store, which gets the book more exposure, which (hopefully) translates into more sales. Help a brother out, and get Blood is Red on May 8.

(And don’t forget, while you’re there, that you can get my book, Other People’s Heroes, as well. Just $2.99. And frankly, I’m not as picky about when you buy it.)

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