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A new feature… Accessing the Infinite Library

As you’ve noticed, I’m trying my damndest to sell a few eBooks. I really believe that electronic publishing is the future of the format, and I think the very existence of eBooks is capable of changing things in ways a lot of people haven’t imagined. I’m trying to crack into the world of eBooks, and that has brought me to a new regular feature I’m going to be writing over at On the first and third Monday of every month, I’m going to put together a new feature about trying to publish eBooks. In future columns I’ll be writing about formatting issues, trying to get your books reviewed, why you should make your book in as many files and formats as possible and an awful lot more.

But today, for the first feature, I’m going to make the case for eBooks’ existence. A lot of people don’t want to abandon paper, but I say you don’t have to do that to try something new. Please, join me at for the first of many, many features to come…

Accessing the Infinite Library #1: Why eBooks?

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