With Thanksgiving approaching…

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I know how busy everyone can get. How you can be flat-out swamped. And how those of you who are on the lookout for content for your blogs and review websites may have trouble picking out things that are holiday-appropriate to fill up some column inches.

My friends. I’m here to help.

Although this year has been the time when I really began to try to make a serious push with my eBooks, it’s not the year I started. A couple of years ago I put out my first eBook, a collection of nine Christmas-themed short stories that I wrote over the years as a sort of “Christmas Card” to my friends and relations. A Long November and Other Tales of Christmas is available now, for the low, low eBook price of $2.99, for all eBook formats. But that’s for everyone else. Have you got a blog? A podcast? A review website? Do you read and review books frequently? Do you write about e-publishing? Are you just a fan of Christmas stories and want to tell your friends about them?

Here’s your chance, my friends! If you’re interested in reviewing A Long November on your website, drop me a line at BlakeMPetit@gmail.com and let me know what website you represent and what eBook format you prefer, and I’ll send it to ya. MOBI, EPUB, PDF, whatever you want, I got it, and all you have to do is let me know you want it.

And what the hey… why should I restrict this offer to my Christmas book just because Christmas is approaching? So if you’d like to review any of my other eBooks — Other People’s Heroes, The Beginner, or The Restless Dead of Siegel City — the same offer applies. All you’ve got to do is e-mail me and tell me what format you want.

You can do it, friends. You can help spread a little Christmas cheer to the big, wide Internet. And, y’know, help me gather a little present-buyin’ cash in the process. Join in and spread a little Feliz to everybody’s Navidad.


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