A quick burst of Christmas self-promotion…

I promise I won’t pummel you with this throughout the month of December, but as it’s December first, I’ve gotta get at least one plug in for my Christmas short story collection, A Long November.

Since 2000, I’ve written a new Christmas story every year. This eBook collects the first nine short stories in a handy collection for a mere $2.99! Included in this book are the following stories…

  • Lonely Miracle (2000): In this tale of Siegel City we meet Lightning, the woman who loved Lionheart and who has, since then, had to exist year after year without him. This year, however, there may be hope for a miracle…
  • Clarence Missed (2001): A night in a small-town drunk tank shows a man a glimpse at a world that should have been.
  • Pencil Sketches (2002): Two college buddies who shouldn’t even be friends realize that the strongest family may be the one you choose for yourself.
  • JLZX622 (2003): Reg Bennet is ready for another Christmas alone. When a woman he’s admired from afar disappears, he finds himself caught up in a search for her, and a chance to change his entire life.
  • Promise (2004): In the world of The Beginner, a retired nurse is given a chance to help a long-ago patient fulfill a Christmas promise he was never able to keep.
  • A Long November (2005): Duncan Marks is just like you — he’s sick of Christmas getting earlier and earlier each year. When an obnoxious holiday elf appears to him on the day after Halloween, Duncan finds himself in a bizarre quest to find what the season truly means to him, and why that may be more important than he ever imagined. This short novel was my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month, and is (appropriately) the longest story in the collection.
  • The Helper (2006): Nicholas Carson is watching his wife fade away. Would it be worth leaving her at the end, even for his heart’s desire?
  • Circle (2007): It’s said that a simple act of kindness can send out ripples, circles the person who made the first wave may never know. In this story, we follow a circle throughout the holiday season.
  • Return to Sender (2008): Every year thousands of Santa Claus letters wind up in the dead letter office. This year, a mystery from one of them sends a postman on a quest to find someone with a different kind of need.

I’ve enjoyed writing every one of these stories, as well as the ones in the years since then (and this year’s story is in the works right now). Although it’s been available on Smashwords.com for a few years now, this marks the first year you can get it on your Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or in the iPad bookstore. Give it a try, write a review, spread the word. Merry Christmas!

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