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Everything But Imaginary #450: Five Superhero Movies Hollywood Needs to Make

So this whole Avengers movie… made a buttload of money, right? The thing is, it did it with superheroes that the general public, until a few years ago, had never heard of, or at most vaguely remembered in a nostalgic kind of way. So let’s look at some other superheroes from outside of the A-list and see how Hollywood could make their movies into hits.

Everything But Imaginary #450: Five Superhero Movies Hollywood Needs to Make


2 in 1 Showcase At the Movies Episode 26:

2 in 1 Showcase At the Movies returns! This week, Blake and Kenny take the time to give their thoughts on Men in Black III. Can this third installment and the addition of Josh Brolin inject some life into this franchise? Plus, Blake asks you to look into the Kickstarter campaign for David Berger‘s Task Force: Gaea. In the picks, Kenny goes with Red Lanterns #9 and Blake is into The Comic Book History of Comics Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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At the Movies Episode 26: Men in Black III



Everything But Imaginary #449: Taking Ownership

Does the following Nerd Math make sense to you?

Great! You’re halfway there. Now that we’ve accepted the above as true comes the hard question… who is responsible for creating the character in the last image?

Not so easy, is it?

Today in Everything But Imaginary #449: Taking Ownership.


So about that Other People’s Heroes sequel…

So, you may be asking, what’s the deal with the actual SEQUEL to Other People’s Heroes?

After all, the original version of the book came out a long time ago. In fact, those of you who’ve been with me for a long time may remember how I originally serialized the sequel, 14 Days of Asphalt, as a work-in-progress on the old Evertime Realms website. But some time after I finished that, I took it down to “rework” it. And that’s the last you saw of it.

Here’s the thing with 14 Days — I was never totally happy with it. There was some stuff in there I liked a lot, particularly a pair of characters, but the second half of the book simply never came together the way I wanted it to. And I tried several times — at least three separate passes at the book over the years failed to create a story I felt I could really dig into and turn into a worthwhile sequel to OPH.

I eventually turned to other Siegel City stories, such as the upcoming The Pyrite War and a few short stories you may have read. But the only thing you guys have seen of Josh Corwood and friends in these intervening years was the Halloween story, “The Restless Dead of Siegel City.” And you wanted to know what happened next.

So did I.

Eventually, I had to face facts. As a writer, you come to realize that if the end of a story isn’t coming together, chances are there’s a problem at the beginning of it that you aren’t even realizing. And some time ago I realized I would have to start over, throw out everything from 14 Days and come up with a whole new story that would begin the next stage of Josh Corwood adventures. But until a few days ago I didn’t have anything.

Now, I may.

I’ve got an idea — a sharper, more cohesive idea than 14 Days was. A little smaller in scope — it’s all in Siegel City again, rather than a road trip story — but bigger in its potential, as it’s really about the nature of superpowers in my world, how they work and why, plus what exactly makes Josh so unique.

And if I can make it work, who knows? Maybe later I’ll be able to come back and do that road trip story. Maybe I’ll be able to find a home for those now-orphaned 14 Days characters. I hope so, but I promise nothing.

Except this:

I’ve always known where I want Josh to end up. What I didn’t know was how to kick him in that direction. I think I’ve got a handle on that now. So once I get Opening Night of the Dead finished (Heather is working on the cover, I’ve seen preliminary sketches), and after I do a second pass on The Pyrite War, turning to the next story of Josh Corwood will be my top writing priority.

Here’s hoping I can stay on the road this time.


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 266: The Ultimate Villain Countdown

It’s time for another Showcase Countdown! This week, the boys each give their own top ten lists for the greatest villains of all time, then count down the ultimate list as voted on by the Showcase listeners. Tune in to find out whose villainy takes the top prize! In the picks, Mike goes with Superman #8, Kenny takes Aquaman #8, and Blake praises Fantastic Four #506.1. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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Episode 266: Ultimate Villain Countdown


New Showcase Poll: Favorite Avengers/Justice Leaguers

No, I haven’t abandoned the previous Showcase poll — we’re still taking your top ten lists on favorite villains. But schedules of my assorted co-hosts being what they are, I thought it may be prudent to have a few polls going at once to greater facilitate the recording of them, especially once school lets out for the summer and I’ve got more flexibility to meet up with my peeps. That in mind, here are the next two Showcase poll episodes:

Who do you consider the top ten greatest Avengers and greatest members of the Justice League? When I say “greatest” here, I’m not necessarily asking you who your favorite characters are (although you can certainly take that into consideration). I’m asking which ten heroes you think are most representative of the Avengers or the League as a whole, those characters without whom you simply can’t imagine the team existing. I am restricting this to people who have been official members of a team in one continuity or another, not characters you wish would join (that’ll be a poll some other time), so no voting for Nightcrawler for the Avengers, for example (Unless he joined the Avengers on Earth-527 or something). But anyone who has been a member of any of the teams in any of their incarnations is eligible:

Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Great Lakes Avengers, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Avengers, Dark Avengers, Avengers Academy, A-Next

Justice League, Justice League of America, Justice League Europe, Justice League International, Justice League Dark, Justice League Antarctica, Justice League Task Force, Extreme Justice

Alternate universe versions count, but not as the same character. So you could vote, for example, for both the mainstream Superman and the Kingdom Come version of Superman, but they would count as two separate characters and take up two of your slots.

So send me your top ten lists, from favorite to least favorite. The character at the top of your list will get ten points, the character at the bottom will get one, and we’ll use those lists to create the Ultimate List on the Showcase. I’ll let you guys know when these episodes will be recorded, but it’ll at least be June before we do any of them, so you have some time to ponder. You can post your lists here or send them to me privately or at

Okay. Let’s get started!


Everything But Imaginary #448: Digital Comics-A Second Opinion

I’ve been pretty resistant to digital comics for some time, but when Erin gave me a Kindle Fire, I decided to give them a second look. Now, having tried them out for a few months, we seem to have come to an… let’s call it, an “understanding”…

Everything But Imaginary #448: Digital Comics-A Second Opinion

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