Who are your favorite movie monsters?


The next Showcase Top Ten will be deep in October, gang, so we decided to get all Halloweeny-on your butts. Tell us your favorite movie monsters!

And the fun of it is, YOU get to define monster. Is a serial killer a monster? A ghost? A guy in a rubber suit? An adorable Muppet? It’s up to you, friends. Just a couple of ground rules:

You’re voting for the monster, not the movie. If you say “I’m voting for Freddy Krueger in Nightmares 1, 3, 4, and 7, but not 2, 5, and 6,” I’m going to stop reading and just chalk up a single vote for Fred.

Similarly, don’t vote for the same monster twice on one list. (I know that seems like common sense, but you would be surprised at a couple of the lists I’ve gotten for previous episodes…) You can count two members of the same species or line as two different monsters, though.

Like we did with the Villain top ten, you can cast a group vote for a kind of monster if they usually do their thing as a horde and not individuals (such as zombies, the Borg, the Jurassic Park raptors, etc.)

And this time it’s MOVIES ONLY. No comic book, TV or video game monsters unless they have also appeared on the silver screen. (Direct-to-video movies count.)

Okay, gang. Get your top ten list in early! Send ’em to Showcase@cxpulp.com!


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