Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #6: Atomic Particle


Powers: Atomic Particle could reduce his size to almost microscopic levels.

First Appearance: The Pyrite War

Notes from the Simon Tower Archive: Okay, this can’t be a coincidence. Not only does he have the same powers as my buddy Particle, but he has the word “Particle” in his name. There must be a connection. He doesn’t seem to have Particle’s smarts, though — all the reports make it sound like he was a sort of stealth muscle in the group, appearing from out of nowhere, slugging the bad guys, shrinking back down to nothing before they could catch him. Nice work if you can get it.

–Annotations by Josh Corwood.

PyriteWar_v2In 1939 Siegel City only had one superhero, the world’s first. When he discovered his powers, Gabriel Ruston thought he would be the second, but died on his first excursion in costume.

After Gabriel’s death, his brother David is drawn into an investigation. What if Gabriel wasn’t the second? What if there were others? What if something tragic happened to all of them?

In Siegel City, nothing is ever what it seems… even in a Golden Age.

THE PYRITE WAR launches on September 10, 2013. Prepare for battle.


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