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The Countdown Is Over! The Pyrite War is here!

PyriteWar_v2I hope you’ve enjoyed the past 12 days of glimpses at the characters in my newest novel, The Pyrite War. This is a story that’s long in the making and one that I’m particularly proud of now that it’s here. As the newest tale of Siegel City, the first novel-length Siegel City story since Other People’s Heroes, it’s something I know people have been waiting for.

Set in Siegel City’s Golden Age, The Pyrite War is the story of David Ruston, a father, husband, and brother, who lives in a world where there is only one superhero — the omnipowerful Guardian M. David’s brother, Gabriel, discovers a power of his own and decides to emulate his city’s hero, but something goes terribly wrong. Without any Gifts to defend himself, David is drawn into a hunt for the truth about what happened to Gabriel and for what’s really going on with his city’s defenders.

Because you see, friends, in Siegel City, nothing has ever been what it seemed… not even in a Golden Age.

The eBook edition of The Pyrite War is currently available from for $3.99 — that’s 314 pages of action, thrills, and surprises. Have a different eReader? No problem! has it too, in ePub, mobi, PDF and several other electronic formats. Still not good enough? Soon, the book will crack into the Barnes & Noble Nook store and the iPad bookstore (I’ll let you know when those are available). And are you one of those fine, old-fashioned folk who prefer your books on paper? That, too, will be an option in a matter of days. Keep checking this blog or my Facebook page for updates.

So you’ve bought The Pyrite War. You’ve read it. You’ve consumed it. You loved it. What can you do next? Well, the obvious answer is to bounce to my now available page and snare any of my other work that you’ve somehow missed. But come on, who are we kidding here? You’re a true blue Evernaut, right? You’ve already read all this stuff!

In that case, friends, the best thing you can do for me is to write a review. Post it at Amazon, Smashwords, wherever you bought the book. And don’t forget to add your review and ratings to this book (and my others) over at Goodreads as well. And heck, while you’re on Goodreads anyway, follow my author page or send me a friend request.

I write because I love it, friends, but I need your help to make a bigger splash. Each time you buy a book, each time you share a link, each time you post a review, it helps raise my profile and it helps more copies of my work make their way into the ether. And when you’re doing this all by yourself, like I am, you need all the help you can get. Thanks.


Countdown to THE PYRITE WAR #1: Nightshadow I

Nightshadow INIGHTSHADOW (I)

Powers: Unknown. Although there are no records of Nightshadow using any measurable metahuman abilities, the extent of his activities leads many historians to speculate he had a number of powers he kept hidden from the general populace.

First Appearance: The Pyrite War

Notes from the Simon Tower Archive: Mister Mysteriouso himself. The first man to use the Nightshadow name has remained a complete enigma even today. I asked the current Nightshadow about him once, and all he would tell me is, “If you’re not in the suit, Josh, you don’t need to know.” There must have been something about this guy, though. He started the first superhero legacy.

–Annotations by Josh Corwood.

PyriteWar_v2In 1939 Siegel City only had one superhero, the world’s first. When he discovered his powers, Gabriel Ruston thought he would be the second, but died on his first excursion in costume.

After Gabriel’s death, his brother David is drawn into an investigation. What if Gabriel wasn’t the second? What if there were others? What if something tragic happened to all of them?

In Siegel City, nothing is ever what it seems… even in a Golden Age.


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