The Pyrite War — now digitally AND in print!

You asked, friends, and I answered. BESTSELLERMy new novel The Pyrite War, a #1 bestseller on Amazon.com*, is now available in print! The print edition has all the same text as the eBook, along with the following features:

  • Paper
  • Wireless transfer from the page to the reader’s eyes
  • Fully resistant to electrical surges and electromagnetic pulses
  • A photograph of the author on the back cover attempting to look all dark and brooding

And much more! So if you’ve been waiting to read The Pyrite War in print, it’s now available at Amazon.com!

For the rest of you weirdos with your “e-readers” and your “fiber optic cables” and your “macrobiotic diets,” there are two ways to get your fix, with more on the way. If you’ve got an Amazon Kindle or any device with a Kindle app, it’s available in the Kindle Store. If you’ve got a Nook, a Kobo, or any of those other readers, you can buy the book at Smashwords.com in a variety of electronic formats! Basically, you can bring the book to you in any form other than carrier pigeon, and I’m working on that as soon as I can figure out how many of them it takes to carry a Kindle tied to their ankles.

Spread the word! The Pyrite War is well and truly here!

*-For a very brief period of time in a ridiculously specific category that it doesn’t, technically, belong in.


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