Blake Has Written Books Part 1: Other People’s Heroes

Hey there, everybody. I’m working on a lot of stuff right now — some of it all-new, some of it new versions of things you’ve seen before. In both cases, the cylinders are firing and I’m having fun shaping my own weird worlds.

Other People's HeroesWith all of those worlds in play, however, I find myself in a position of wanting to push harder to spread the word of my existing work. After all, I’m the sort of writer who enjoys linking all of my various worlds and works in a way that rewards readers who stick around. The only way that sort of thing pays off, though, is if people are aware of the previous works in the mythos.

That said, this week I’ve decided to step back and remind folks of my current work in print. Let’s spread the word, guys. If you enjoy my work, talk it up. Posts reviews on Amazon.com, Goodreads.com, or any other place you talk about books. And by all means, when you see this post, share it. And “like” it. And “retweet” and “reblog” — do whatever you can to tell people about my stuff.

So let’s start today with my first novel, Other People’s Heroes…

OPH is the first published tale of Siegel City, a world full of superheroes that are sweetly similar to heroes you’ve all met before. Josh Corwood, a reporter covering the exploits of the world’s greatest champions, thinks he’ll be able to join them when he discovers a power of his own. Once he begins to immerse himself in the world of Siegel City’s most famous Capes and Masks, though, he realizes nothing in his world is as it seems.

This adventure tale approaches the world of superheroes with a sense of humor and a good-natured eye at deconstruction, while at the same time, telling a different sort of story about a different sort of world. OPH remains my most well-known and most popular work, as well as the linchpin around which many of my future stories revolves. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?


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