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Where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and welcome newbies

It’s been a short, busy summer for me. As I told you guys the last time I posted, Erin and I got married last month. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of moving, shopping, refinishing furniture and trying to find time to simply enjoy being together. It’s been nice, but the summer is sadly nearing its end for this teacher.

I have managed to finish the second draft of my next book, Everything You Need to Know to Survive English Class. I’ve sent it out to some faithful beta readers and I’m working on getting a cover put together as well. I’d really like to get it out to the universe by the beginning of September, to really catch the wave on the back-to-school madness, but I don’t know if I’ll quite make that self-imposed goal.

In the midst of all this, I’ve happily noticed a little bump in sales for my first novel, Other People’s Heroes. Hey, cool! Always nice to have some new readers in our midst, and OPH is most certainly the perfect gateway drug into my ever-expanding universe. If you happened to find this post because of OPH and you’re wondering where to go next, may I suggest the other tales in the world of Siegel City?

  • Associated Pressure is a (very) short story that takes place during the final chapter of OPH, demonstrating Josh’s first battle with the most insidious foe of all: the media.
  • The Restless Dead of Siegel City picks up Josh’s story the following Halloween, when an army of the undead arrive in his town.
  • The Ghost of Simon Tower has Josh encounter a mysterious visitor on a cold Christmas Eve.
  • Lucky Penny, another Christmas story, follows a reformed villain trying to make an honest living in Las Vegas, but there’s a hero that won’t quite let him get on with his life.
  • The Pyrite War, a full-length novel, takes place in the Golden Age, and tells the story of Siegel City’s very first superhero.

And if you’re interested, I’ve got a few non-superhero novels and works of Geek Punditry on Amazon and other such sources as well. I’m out there. I hope you find something you like.

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