Now FREE: An All-American Christmas (and other tales of the holidays)

AllAmericanXMas_ORNAMENTHey, everyone! Like I promised you yesterday, my new collection of three holiday short stories is now in the Amazon Kindle Store, and as my Christmas gift to you, it’s absolutely FREE until Dec. 27! Bounce on over and grab your copy now!

An All-American Christmas (and other tales of the holidays)

If you like the stories in this book — or any of my work — there’s two things I’d like to ask you to do. First of all, pass the link along. Let people know there’s a free book they can snag for the next few days. Second, write a little review there on Amazon. Having reviews of your work helps boost the profile of the book in the store, and it also helps my other books as well. It only takes you a couple of minutes, but it means a lot to me

“But Blake!” you are shouting at me. “I don’t have a Kindle! How can I read your eBook?”

No problem, guys. Amazon has made apps for pretty much any device to allow you to read books from the Kindle store.

So you see, no matter WHAT you’re reading this post on, you can read the eBook SOMEHOW.

And finally, in case you’ve forgotten just what it is you’re about to read, here are the stories inside this collection:

An All-American Christmas: A group of crooks decide to pull a holiday heist while the city’s superheroes are occupied with their annual Christmas party. But what none of them stopped to consider is that not everybody celebrates Christmas…

Akkis’s First Christmas: Akkis of the Thrung never expected to have to raise a human child. After the death of his best friends, though, he’s tasked with making their young son merry. For an alien who has never experienced one to give a five-year-old the perfect holiday may just take a Christmas miracle.

Baby New Year: A New Year’s Eve party is thrown into chaos when a group of monster-hunters realize that the holiday’s most important set piece is not what anybody thought it was.

This collection of three short stories takes us to the worlds of Siegel City (OTHER PEOPLE’S HEROES and THE PYRITE WAR), The Curtain (THE BEGINNER and OPENING NIGHT OF THE DEAD), and to author Blake M. Petits newest storytelling realm, Shadows of Earth.

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