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Back to the starting line…

As I mentioned some time ago, my current writing project has been work on The Light Man, the sequel to my young adult novel Lost in Silver. But despite working on it for a few weeks now, I’ve been unable to squeeze my way past the first chapter, and as excited as I was for the story, I found myself getting bored with what I was writing. And as any writer can tell you, that’s deadly. If I’m bored, there’s no way in hell the audience is going to be excited.

So I looked at the story, tried to figure out what was wrong. What I decided is that I was spending too much time on recap. Sure, this is a sequel, but that doesn’t mean I should go through ten pages of everything that’s happened in the six months since the first book before I get to something — y’know — interesting. Last night I scrapped everything I had written and started over, but this time I started right at the inciting incident, right where the thing that kicks off the plot actually happens. It immediately felt better to me — faster, more exciting, and more interesting.

I can’t throw away that gap. I’ll have to mention it. But it doesn’t have to be the first thing, right? If I do this properly, I’m sure you guys will wait for me.

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