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Join us at the new!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here lately, but I wanted to make sure everybody knew abou the changes to my internet home for the past seven years, A few weeks ago, you see, due to what amounts to a clerical snafu, our domain name expired and we haven’t been able to contact the people with the information we need to reaquire it. Somewhere, in the midst of getting the site running again, the idea of changing the name started to drift around. “Comixtreme” definitely had a 90s flair to it. On the other hand, we’d been branding ourselves at “CX” for ten years (three before I joined the site). We wanted to keep that part of the name, while at the same time, coming up with a title that was more evocative of the new site, and the fact that in addition to comics, we also cover movies and TV, video games, and even books without pictures now.

So head on over to the new! Reviews, columns, the 2 in 1 Showcase podcast, and all the pop culture commentary and discussion you could ask for.


Getting back to work…

Erin is back home again, and to get my mind off it, I’m going to get some work done. This means, in large part, catching up on reviews of recent comics, mainly for, but also for my own site, The Back Issue Bin. I’ve taken to posting more and more comic book reviews here at Evertime Realms in the last few months, and it’s occurred to me that’s kind of silly. I established a whole new blog specifically for the purpose of posting comic book reviews, so why am I duplicating my efforts here? So in addition to the old reviews brought back from internet purge obscurity, in addition to the “Somebody’s First Comic Book” pieces I’ve been posting at the BIB since the beginning of June, I’m going to now start a queue of recent comic reviews in my files, where I’ll post one each day – reviews of comics that other reviewers at CX already covered, or books that I didn’t get to read until they were no longer timely, concerns that of course won’t matter at my own site. This will include future Brightest Day reviews – except for those that are posted at Comixtreme, of course. I maintain my vow that every Brightest Day tie-in I read will be reviewed either at CX or at the BIB. And you’ll be able to follow all of them as I constantly update the Archive.

The other thing I’m going to be working on are the edits to Opening Night of the Dead. I printed out the manuscript, put it in a binder, and spent my downtime during Annie rehearsals to work on editing the document. (I’ve discovered that I do much better work editing my own stuff in hard copy. For some reason, I just gloss over a lot of the errors on the screen.) As soon as I finish the editing, I’m going to ask a few trusted readers to look it over for their comments, and then it’s going to be time to look for a publisher for this bad boy. Wish me luck.


Finding productivity

With me back home and Erin off in Pittsburgh, I’m trying to keep busy. Fortunately, I’ve actually got a lot of work to do. I just finished revising a short story that I’m submitting to a very cool new project that I no doubt will tell you all about in (hopefully) a few weeks. I’ve also found out that the editors of the book Dark: A Horror Anthology (you got your copy, right, with my short stories “Copper” and “The Worst Part” included therein?) are thinking about a sequel, which means it’s time to get my sleeves rolled up and look for something to submit to those guys as well.

Plus, I’ve got to get back to the Evercast, specifically to the summer-long recording project I’ve been preparing for and haven’t even started yet.

And, on top of that, I’ve got my duties over at the new and improved, such as my review of the new Darkwing Duck comic book, a book that won’t even be released until Wednesday. (That’s right, suckas, I got an advance review.)

So I miss Erin, I miss her terribly. But at least I’ve got a lot to do.


Have you tried the new

Like I said last week, has been planning a major upgrade to the website. To my surprise, that upgrade was complete far sooner than I expected. Head on over there right now and you’ll find a new front page with categories for comics, TV and movies, video games and books and literature, with plans to add on a fiction section in the near future. The forums have been upgraded as well, with discussion threads for each article, and of course the ability to discourse about anything in the various worlds we cover – including the classic Arena section. Ever wondered who other fans think would win in a fight between Edward Cullen and Buffy Summers? This is where you go.

And, AAAAAND, that’s not all! With the new CX, members will have the ability to host their own blog, where they can (of course) write about anything they want. And the CX editors will keep an eye on those blogs as well — if we find something we find particularly insightful or interesting, we may promote your blog post to feature article status. (With your permission, of course.)

So if you’re already a CX member, head over there and re-register to see how we’ve evolved. If you’ve never been there before, here’s your chance to get in on the ground flood!

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