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2 in 1 Shots #6: Marvel’s Big Move

showcase logo smallIf Digital Comics are your thing, clear the space off on your iPad… Marvel is making a bold move this week at the South By Southwest Expo. Blake also gives a short spoiler-free recommendation to Oz the Great and Powerful. In the picks, it’s Animal Man #18, the epilogue to the Rotworld crossover. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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2 in 1 Shot #6: Marvel’s Bold Move


Everything But Imaginary #478: Priced Out of the Market

I’ve gotten slowly more open to the idea of digital comics over the last year… not for my new comics but for back issues or hard-to-find classics. But if there’s one thing that could kill my interest quick, it would be if the publishers cut out one of the biggest reasons I get a digital comic — a good price. But that couldn’t happen… could it?

Everything But Imaginary #478: Priced Out of the Market


Everything But Imaginary #463: Digitize These Comics

Since my slow conversion to reading comics digitally began, I’ve kept a careful eye on the Comixology new release chart every week. I don’t use the digital store to buy new comics (although I do take advantage of the digital codes included with some releases), but I eagerly wait to see which back issues are pumped into the library every week. That said, of course, there are still a lot of comic book runs, story arcs, and series that are only partially available, aren’t available in a format I can read comfortably, or aren’t available at all. So that in mind, this week I’m going to toss out some suggestions for the comic publishers and copyright holders who are responsible for dropping this stuff in the Comixology store. I’m not promising I would rush out and buy all of these comics if you suddenly made them available… but I’d definitely consider it.

Everything But Imaginary #463: Digitize These Comics


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 270: San Diego Comic-Commentary

Comic-Con weekend is here, and although Blake and Erin aren’t in San Diego, that’s not going to stop them from pontificating about all the news from the con. The aftermath of Avengers Vs. X-MenNeil Gaiman returns to Sandman! A slew of new Image comics, the titles and release dates for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Phase 2…” and is it possible the greatest Marvel villain of them all could be… Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz? Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!
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Everything But Imaginary #452: When Hipsters Read Comics

There are an awful lot of people out there who feel the constant need to complain about anything that’s popular, anything that has a following, because clearly, it’s Justin Bieber’s fault their garage band hasn’t had a hit yet. What happens when people with this attitude with comic books? Let’s get into it…

Everything But Imaginary #452: When Hipsters Read Comics


Everything But Imaginary #448: Digital Comics-A Second Opinion

I’ve been pretty resistant to digital comics for some time, but when Erin gave me a Kindle Fire, I decided to give them a second look. Now, having tried them out for a few months, we seem to have come to an… let’s call it, an “understanding”…

Everything But Imaginary #448: Digital Comics-A Second Opinion


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 261: Avengers Vs. X-Men Pre-Game Show

With Avengers Vs. X-Men starting this week, Blake and Erin talk about the run-up to it, including the launch event, Marvel AR, and Infinite Comics, with a critique of Mark Waid‘s Luther. Plus, they get into all the news from WonderCon and Emerald City, including the new Valiant Comics, Womanthology, the Rocketeer, and more! Plus — April Fool’s gags are irritating, Draw Something is cool, and cats are adorable. In the picks, Erin is enjoying Anne Rice‘s The Wolf Gift and Blake doubles up with Superman #7 and Atomic Robo Presents Real Science Adventures #1! Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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Episode 261: Avengers Vs. X-Men Pre-Game Show

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