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Blake’s Weekly Roundup: March to War

All this week I’ve continued the character countdown to my next novel, The Pyrite War, launching on September 10. Here’s who we’ve met this week…

Also last week…


Everything But Imaginary #475: Farewell, CBG

Magazines are going out of business left and right. And for the most part, it doesn’t faze me. But earlier today we got the news that the Comics Buyer’s Guide, the longest-running publication about comics, is going out of print for good. And for the first time, I realize just how great a magazine it really was…

Everything But Imaginary #475: Farewell, CBG


Everything But Imaginary #473: Adios, 2012

It’s almost over, friends — one massively crazy year in comics and pop culture. And in this week’s Everything But Imaginary, I take a quick walk with you through the highlights and the lowlights of the year that was. Join me, won’t you?

Everything But Imaginary #473: Adios, 2012


Everything But Imaginary #471: Shopping at the Con

This year’s Wizard World New Orleans was held at the beginning of December… not the optimal time, perhaps, but it did allow something that I’ve never done before. At this year’s convention, I did some Christmas shopping. Here’s how to do it…

Everything But Imaginary #471: Shopping at the Con


Now Available: Is Santa Claus Super?


It’s time once again, folks, for The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary! In the second volume in this bargain eBook series, I dig through nearly ten years of internet archives to pull out some of my best Christmas-related columns and features, including…

  • Christmas comic book reviews
  • A breakdown of what Yuletide songs get covered the most
  • Shopping tips for the geek in your life
  • And the classic column in which I tackle the big question… is Santa Claus a superhero?

Is Santa Claus Super? (The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary Vol. 2) is now available for 99 cents from (for your Kindle device) and for every eReader format at

And thanks, as always, to Jacob Bascle for some great cover art!


Everything But Imaginary #463: Digitize These Comics

Since my slow conversion to reading comics digitally began, I’ve kept a careful eye on the Comixology new release chart every week. I don’t use the digital store to buy new comics (although I do take advantage of the digital codes included with some releases), but I eagerly wait to see which back issues are pumped into the library every week. That said, of course, there are still a lot of comic book runs, story arcs, and series that are only partially available, aren’t available in a format I can read comfortably, or aren’t available at all. So that in mind, this week I’m going to toss out some suggestions for the comic publishers and copyright holders who are responsible for dropping this stuff in the Comixology store. I’m not promising I would rush out and buy all of these comics if you suddenly made them available… but I’d definitely consider it.

Everything But Imaginary #463: Digitize These Comics


Everything But Imaginary #462: Six Comic Characters Who’d Make Good Replacement Replacement Refs

Fans of televised comedy, over the past few weeks, have found themselves in something of a golden age. There is a new troupe of clowns on TV that are goofier than the Marx Brothers, less logical than the Kids in the Hall, and more chaotic than Monty Python at their peak. You know them as the NFL Replacement Referees. But things are getting tense and something needs to be done. So this week, I suggest six comic characters who’d e better than the zebras we’ve got wandering around aimlessly right now.

Everything But Imaginary #462: Six Comic Characters Who’d Make Good Replacement Replacement Refs


Everything But Imaginary #461: An Old Trick Finds New Life

In the 90s the comic book publishers of America found a new trick: gimmick covers! Holograms! Pop-ups! Colorforms! Bulletholes! If they could add some stunt to a cover and charge more, they would. And saints preserve us, it may be happening again…

Everything But Imaginary #461: An Old Trick Finds New Life


Announcing… The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary!

Well guys, it’s been about twelve minutes since I launched a new product, so it’s time, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve been reading comic books since about 1985 or so. Since 2003, I’ve been writing about them over at and various other places all over the internet. And now, because absolutely nobody is demanding it, I’m presenting my new series of collected features from the corners of the web, The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary.

The idea is simple: every couple of months, I’m going to gather up five or six columns, essays or reviews from my somewhat vast archives that fit a chosen theme. I’ll do a little bit of editing, add some footnotes to give them necessary context and to inject a little additional commentary, and then put them in the e-book stores of the internet. The question, of course, was what to call this not-at-all-new series of columns. Taking a page from the great Bill Watterson, who chose the title The Essential Calvin and Hobbes for a book that collected two previously published books of comic strips which themselves had previously been published in newspapers (and was therefore not even remotely essential), I decided The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary had a nice ring to it.

Today I present the OEBI Vol. 1: A Revolving Door in Heaven. As the solicit text I wrote states:

When a superhero dies, nobody thinks they’ll stay dead. When a superhero kills, everybody gets up in arms. When someone close to a superhero bites the bullet, no one knows what to think. A REVOLVING DOOR IN HEAVEN is a series of handy essays about the phenomenon of death (and life) in mainstream American comic books.

The Obligatory EBI is not a money-making proposition for me, it’s a name recognition thing, so I’m offering the volumes as cheap as I possibly can. In the store, where you can get it in any format for whatever e-reader you happen to have, it’s a whopping zero cents. That’s right, absolutely free. In the Amazon store, you can’t set a book for free unless you meet some very specific criteria involving where the book appears digitally and exclusivity and sacrificing a Peruvian tree frog at midnight on the winter solstice… long story short, this book isn’t eligible. So I’ve set it at the lowest price Amazon will allow, 99 cents. But fingers crossed, Amazon will notice it’s free elsewhere and price-match… they do that sometimes.

Anyway, however you want to get it, the book is available now. Check it out, tell your comic-lovin’ friends, and feel free to suggest topics for future volumes!

A Revolving Door in Heaven at
A Revolving Door in Heaven at


Giving it a Try…

Hey, guys. I know I haven’t posted much here lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’ve got a new project I’m rather excited about, and I’m hoping to tell you about in soon. In the meantime, have you seen this weirdo “Laird McD,” on Twitter? Man, what’s up with that?

It is Wednesday, of course, which means I’ve got an EBI too. You may have heard DC’s big announcement today about a couple of members of the Justice League. I thought this week I’d share my thoughts about it…

EBI #458: Giving it a Try

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