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Back to work…

I’ve actually gotten an awful lot of work done this week, so I thought I’d share it with you. In addition to the new chapter of Lost in Silver (the book is almost over, so those of you who told me you’re waiting for the end to read it all at once, get ready), I’ve gotten many, many pages written of my newest project, still untitled. I can’t say exactly how much, however, because it’s all been written longhand, during moments I’ve managed to steal during the day. I don’t know why, but I often find I work better if I do my first draft longhand.

Also longhand, I’ve done work on A Long November and Other Stories. I’ve written an introduction for the eBook, as well as notes on each of the nine stories it will contain. It was actually a lot of fun to write, it was like visiting old friends again. (That reminds me — if my sister is reading, I still want to do that Bixby series some day. He shows up in the Christmas stories and I miss those characters, damn it.)

And finally, I’ve been reviewing up a storm. Here are the reviews I’ve tossed out there since the last time I updated you guys:

Look to the skies…



Green Lantern: In Brightest Day

People who are reading the current crop of Green Lantern comics are getting some of the best stories we’ve ever seen with the franchise, and that’s in no small part due to the amazing work of Geoff Johns. What I love about Johns is his ability to take bits and pieces of classic stories, put them through a modern prism, and turn them into something totally new, fresh, and exciting. He’s currently working that same magic on Action Comics and Justice Society of America, and damn if I’m not excited for next year’s Flash: Rebirth. The Green Lantern stuff, meanwhile, is all leading into a storyline called The Blackest Night, which will fall across the DC Universe sometime next year.

Many of the elements that are making up the GL stories today are based on bits and pieces of stories from the past five decades of Hal Jordan’s existence. Since a lot of younger readers may not be familiar with these stories, DC Comics recently had Johns select several of the stories that inspired him to include in a collection of stories, Green Lantern: In Brightest Day. This is a really fun book, with stories from all over the place, including the first appearances of GLs like Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Laira and Mogo, important stories for John Stewart and the Guardians of the Universe, the origins of the villains Sinestro and Krona, and the Alan Moore story that directly influenced Blackest Night. I wrote up a full review of the book over at — if you’re on the fence about whether you want to get the book or not, take a look.

And while we’re on the subject, how about a few other reviews I’ve pounded out on the ol’ computer over the last few weeks?


Everything But Imaginary #277: Where Will the Next Wave Come From?

We all love Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, the X-Men… but those guys have all been around forever? Who are the new superheroes? Where are they going to come from? And if the readers don’t take a chance on them, how can any of them survive?

Everything But Imaginary #277: Where Will the Next Wave Come From?

June 2023

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