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2 in 1 Shot #7: Comics Kick Ass Week

showcase logo smallOur pal Adam from the Graphic Panels Podcast has declared the week before Free Comic Book Day, beginning April 29, to be Comics Kick Ass Week — a time to celebrate what we love about comics, and we here at the Showcase are going to tell you how to help spread the word. Blake talks about what’s got him excited about comics this week and tells you how to do the same. In the picks this week, it’s Batman and Robin #19. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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2 in 1 Shot #7: Comics Kick Ass Week


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 283: Bruce Willis and Bruce Wayne

showcase logo smallIt’s a big week for Bruces and Blake and Erin take in Willis’s newest film, A Good Day to Die Hard, and talk about the repercussions of Wayne’s lastest battle with the Joker in the conclusion of Death of the Family. We also talk about the return of The Walking Dead, rejoice in the crapitude of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, and Blake recommends that if you’re not reading Morning Glories, you go back and start at the beginning. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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2 in 1 Showcase Episode 283: Bruce Willis and Bruce Wayne


2 in 1 Showcase Episode 239: One Month of the New 52

The new DC Universe is a month old now, and in an extra-sized episode Blake, Erin, and Mark sit down to talk about how that first month shaped up. Mark gives us the retailer’s perspective on how sales have changed not just for the New 52, but for other titles as well, and the gang discusses the hits and misses of the last two weeks of titles. In the picks, Erin is just getting into the Dresden Files, Mark is a fan of Annihilators: Earthfall and Herc, and Blake cheers the premieres of Ghostbusters and Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

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Episode 239: One Month of the New 52


Everything But Imaginary #351: The Superhero Survival Guide Part Two-Power Sets

A few weeks ago, a certain document came into my possession. The first installment of the Siegel City Superhero Survival Guide seemed to be an introduction for new superheroes as to how to acclimate themselves into the heroic lifestyle. The document was fairly informative and had some interesting insights into the mindset of running a city of superheroes. Today we’re going to continue our presentation of this Survival Guide with Chapter Two, all about your superpowers… and you.

Everything But Imaginary #351: The Superhero Survival Guide Part Two-Power Sets


Everything But Imaginary #344: The Best Selling Comic Of the Year

A book that stands a real chance of being the best-selling comic of the year was released this week, friends, but comic book fans aren’t paying much attention. In fact, a lot of us are actively blanching away. It’s time to face the facts and, more importantly, try to figure out what we can learn from this dreaded volume…

Everything But Imaginary #344: The Best Selling Comic of the Year


Everything But Imaginary #339: How to Make an Exit

The new season of Lost began last night… the final season of Lost. And as a longtime fan, I’m excited. But this isn’t the first time I’ve felt something like this as the end of a story approaches. In this week’s Everything But Imaginary, we look at what it means when a favorite approaches the end.

Everything But Imaginary #339: How to Make an Exit


Everything But Imaginary #331: Dear Santa…

Santa’s got a big job — making and delivering toys to every good little boy and girl in the world. And as we geeks know, there’s a lot more than just one world out there. This week, we at Everything But Imaginary Global Headquarters have gotten special permission to peek in at letters to Santa Claus from all over the multiverse!

Everything But Imaginary #331: Dear Santa
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What I’m Reading: Blackest Night-Batman #3

Blackest Night: Batman #3I’ve got to say it again. I am astonished at how much the tie-in books to Blackest Night have been delivering. Peter Tomasi and Ardian Syaf deliver a comic here that, as good as the core Batman titles have been lately, can hold its own with any of them.

Dick Grayson has called in his brother, Tim Drake, and the two former Robins prepare to make a last stand against the corpses of their own parents. As Dick and Tim stand, Damian — the current Robin — is sent off to escort Barbara and Jim Gordon to safety, a task he’s none too happy about. The sons of Bruce Wayne have arguably been through more trials and torture than any other characters in comics. Plus, they live in a world where coming back from the dead is almost routine. Is it any wonder that, when faced with their long-dead parents, they feel that surge of hope?

Hope, unfortunately, isn’t quite the emotion these particular Black Lanterns are going for.

Tomasi knocks this out of the park, giving us remarkably strong characterization for our two main heroes as they face their greatest wishes and worst fears. I am a little disappointed that Deadman, such a big player at the beginning of this miniseries, has kind of gone by the wayside at the end, but it isn’t really his story anyway, is it?

Ardian Syaf, a new name to me, has to potential to be one of the next comic book superstars. His linework here is wonderful, and a strong color/art team of Vicente Cifuentes and Nei Ruffino make this one of the best-looking books in the crossover to date.

As good as the current Bat-books are, one of the few elements I’m not happy with is the estrangement of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson. This issue addresses that, to a degree, and promises that things won’t necessarily remain that way. I really hope this thread continues into the main books. It’s a great team-up story for two men who have more in common with each other than anyone else in the world, who should be brothers above all else, and who deserve to have each other’s back. This is a nice start. Let’s see ’em back together more often.

Rating: 9/10


What I’m Reading: Blackest Night-Batman #2

Blackest Night: Batman #2The Peter Tomasi train of awesome continued this week with Blackest Night: Batman #2. Last issue, Dick Grayson discovered the Black Lanterns had targeted the corpses of his parents and those of Tim Drake’s. Summoning Red Robin back to Gotham, the three sons of Bruce Wayne prepare to go to war for the soul of Gotham itself.

So much to like about this issue, where to begin? First of all, one of the few things in the Batman: Reborn relaunch that I’ve been less than happy with is Tim’s separation from the rest of the family. Having him here alongside Dick and Damian, where he belongs, was a treat in and of itself. But even more than that, there’s a ton of great action here as well. The battles with the Black Lanterns of a dozen dead Batman rogues really reach a high point this issue, with each of them facing some demons (literally) and racing to save the lives of Jim and Barbara Gordon.

Let’s not forget our co-star for this series, Deadman. Although he doesn’t have quite as much to do this issue as last, the stuff he does have is really good. There’s a great little “team-up” with Oracle here, as Deadman really reminds us how capable she is. Tim and Dick both have really powerful moments in their own right, and there’s a wonderful early exchange between Dick and Damian that nicely encapsulates their relationship.

Ardian Syaf‘s artwork is just fantastic. I love the renditions of our four heroes, the Black Lanterns are nice and creepy, and demonic. This spin-off has been immensely entertaining, and I’m really psyched for the third and final issue next month.

Rating: 9/10


Everything But Imaginary #317: Back to School Again

It’s that time again! Back to school is just around the corner, and it’s no different for superhero students. How are the kids in the Marvel, DC and other universes preparing for the upcoming semester?

Everything But Imaginary #317: Back to School Again
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