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“Wow, Blake, you’ve been quiet lately…”

Why yes. Yes, anonymous commenter on the internet who has somehow managed to usurp the title of a blog post, I have. But it’s not because I’ve gone into hibernation or anything. As many of you know, last week was the annual party/Bacchanalia we here in the great state of Louisiana call Mardi Gras, and Erin came down for one of her legendary visits during that week. It was a wonderful time and I’ll try to find the time to write more about it later in the week, for those of you who don’t just follow us on Facebook.

But now that things have gotten back to normal, I find myself busier than ever. I’m continuing work on the first draft of a new novel (I’m at 63k words at the moment, and I’m guessing I’ll have about another 20 or 30k to go before the story is finished). I’m prepping my next fiction release, which I hope to have out to you guys in the next few months. And starting… oh, about three hours ago… I’m directing the next show for the Thibodaux Playhouse, Alan Ball’s comedy Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. The first night of auditions was tonight, so now I’m going to be working in all of my usual stuff around that.

So I’m still here, and I’m still working. I just wanted you all to know that.

I love you too.


This looks familiar… vaguely familiar…

I’m at my school today. Not where I teach, but where I went to college. I’m a judge for the district drama rally in the same theatre where I performed in my first play and most of my first dozen. I’ve been here since. I’ve seen other shows, concerts. I was here last week.

Today feels different.

Today I had the time to walk around. To look at everything. To see the paintings that have been hanging I’m these halls for at least 16 years, and probably many more. The giant sign for the campus radio station I used to look at through the booth window when Jason and I hosted our show. Collages of photographs from so many plays that feature my stunningly youthful face smiling back at me. I remember being that kid. I remember how I thought everything I did then was so important.

I remember flecks of paint, the grains of the wood, rust spots on the green room refrigerator. The fold of the curtain, the “break in case of fire” station just offstage, the rickety metal ladder that I was always terrified to climb, but I did over and over again.

I feel a little overwhelmed.

I forgot what this place means to me. How much I love it. How responsible it is for the man I am today. I want to step into those pictures with 19 year old Blake so I can warn him about the mistakes, but also so I could thank him for all the things he did right.

They say you can’t go home again. And they’re usually right. But that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to visit.


Faster Updates

I’ve got less time to post tonight than I did yesterday. Darted to Best Buy after school, got my hands on DCU Online, the massive install is happening now. Woot.

Going to Thibodaux tonight to work the door for our newest production, Crimes of the Heart, starring several friends of mine and directed by the inimitable Daniel Ruiz. Go to for more info.

I’ll do a full review soon, but if you want a different kind of zombie novel, look for Feed by Mira Grant. Friggin’ great.

Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. I think we should bring back the name Langhorne. Do you know how many kids I’ve taught named Dylan, Cody, Mason, or some alternative spelling thereof? I have never taught a Langhorne.

I’m just sayin’.


Counting down…

Friday is our opening night. Thursday we go before an audience for our dress rehearsal preview night. Tonight we had almost all of our props and costumes, plus lighting and sound cues for the first time. Utter chaos, but in a great way.

All the Great Books (Abridged) is going to be a fantastic show, folks. Reserve your tickets if you’re in town, and forgive my sporadic posting this week if you’re not!


Sherlock Blake!

If you’re waiting for this week’s Everything But Imaginary, I’m hoping to have it online tomorrow. The play opens next week, and rehearsals and preparations have eaten up an awful lot of time. I appreciate your understanding. If you understand. If you don’t understand, then screw you.

Anyway! How about a quick preview of the show? Sherlock Blake!


The set evolves…

Tonight was our first rehearsal in the theatre. We used all the props and costumes we have so far, which is more than 50 percent of them. It was the most exhausting rehearsal I’ve ever had. It was glorious. Also, I’m pretty damn certain that the photographer from the newspaper is going to use the picture of me wearing a bucket on my head and with a mop between my legs. Probably on the front page.


The set is looking great:


Why do I do it?

I’m spending today in Thibodaux, working on the set and props for our upcoming production of “All the Great Books Abridged.” Some may ask, given the fact that I do work a full-time job and I start most days on Twitter complaining that I woke up too early, why I devote so much of my time to theatre productions like this one – community theatre productions at that, shows where any “payment” for your work comes in the form of the Playhouse providing the sodas at the pot luck cast party.

And the truth is, more than anything else (except Erin), it makes me feel ALIVE.

When I’m on stage, my aching back stops aching for a while. I stop feeling tired. I have more energy and vigor than I do anyplace else in the world. Maybe it’s adrenaline, maybe it’s the fact that I can lose myself in someone else, maybe it’s all psychosomatic. I don’t know. But the fact is when I’m on stage I feel better than I do almost any other time. I may never win an Oscar, but I don’t care.

That’s why I’m willing to spend my Saturday with like-minded people making things like this set and getting ready for two intensive weeks of work that I won’t get famous for, won’t even get PAID for, and which many in the audience will forget by next week. I do it for myself, the rest of my cast and crew, and the awesome few that will remember.

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